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5 Christmas Ornament Styles You'll See More of in 2023

Sep 25th 2023

Trends are always evolving – including Christmas decorating trends! And while some trends have more staying power than others (consider the still-popular silver tinsel Christmas trees of the ’60s, and the sneaky elf that showed up in 2005) all are reflections of the culture and aesthetics of their time.

Many classic Christmas ornaments continue to adorn family Christmas trees as treasured keepsakes. Other families like to change things up. They’ll decorate a black and white Christmas tree one year, a kids’ tree the next.

Whether you’re firmly in the first camp or squarely in the second, it’s still fun to follow holiday decorating trends and introduce new Christmas decorations into your home.

This year, you’ll find diverse holiday decor to suit every taste. 2023 Christmas tree trends feature everything from natural neutrals through vibrant pinks, classic black and white to shimmery metallics, with a few vintage styles thrown in for good measure.

So if you’re searching for some new energy to interject into your Christmas decor, we’re highlighting five Christmas ornament styles you’ll likely see more of during Christmas 2023. 

Woodland Themes

Current home decor styles echo nature in light-toned wood and a neutral to earthy color palette. The trend is reflected in woodland themed Christmas tree decorations that fit comfortably into both natural and Nordic designs. To incorporate this Christmas trend, look for ornaments that feature organic materials like feathers, jute or other natural fibers, or which depict botanic elements like pinecones or mushrooms. For a little color and texture, berry garland works well here, too!

Get the look:

Playful Pink

Hot on the heels of 2023 Pantone Color of the Year Viva Magenta comes the mania for a certain statuesque doll. These movements are turning all things pink into big news for Christmas. Whether it's baby soft pink or bright and bold, expect to see tons of Christmas decorations in this non-traditional color. Pink offers a playful pop of color on a traditional Christmas tree – and looks oh so extraordinary on a pink Christmas tree!

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Homey Appeal

Ornaments with a homemade or handmade appearance span a range of design aesthetics, lending themselves to such decorating styles as cottage core and farmhouse decor. In particular, look for a variety of textiles, including yarn balls, hand-stitched felt ornaments and delicate pleated paper designs. Whether they’re purchased or Pinterest inspired, tree decorations in a handmade style straddle two worlds, since many also fit into a trend toward ornaments that are strongly textural.

Get the look:


Soft, fuzzy, faceted, glittery - texture is also trending in Christmas decor this year. A little texture creates a lovely counterpoint to shiny glass balls and shimmering ribbon. Look for ornaments in soft fabrics like velvet and faux fur. Feathery woodland ornaments and embossed ball ornaments, even plush stars and other shapes are on display this year! For added texture, twine some interesting garland around the tree and fill spaces with colorful Christmas picks.

Get the look:

Christmas Picks

Christmas picks, sprays and branches are a decorator secret that let you accessorize your Christmas tree like a professional. Christmas tree designers use sprays of leaves, glittery branches or decorative picks for color and interest and to fill spaces visually. Play around with picks featuring candy cane stripes and swirls, sequinned leaves, velvety flowers and whimsical whirls. Christmas sprays come in many colors and designs and add a whole new dimension to Christmas decorating.

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5 Christmas Ornament Styles You'll See More of in 2023

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