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The 5 Most Popular Christmas Tree Toppers

Dec 7th 2022

What do you put on top of your Christmas tree? Some families like to swing on a star, while others place an angel on high. Maybe you prefer a Santa, a snowflake or classic glass finial Christmas tree topper. Whether your tree topper is a star, angel, Santa Claus, snowflake or finial, you probably have a strong attachment to your choice.

If you’re looking for a new tree topper, remember to consider the height and width of your tree, as well as the amount of space between the tree top and your ceiling.

As for the style of your Christmas tree topper, that really depends on your personal preference, often determined by family tradition or your Christmas tree style or theme.

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Whatever your choice, read on to learn more about the most popular Christmas tree toppers.

gold star tree topper with cut-out design


The Star of Bethlehem is one of the most enduring symbols of the Christmas season. Today, we remember the heavenly light that drew the shepherds from their fields with a Christmas star tree topper. Whether it is lighted or unlit, a star tree topper remains one of the most popular ways to put the finishing touch on Christmas tree decorations.

A Christmas tree star topper can come in many styles, making it perfect for any decor. You’ll find everything from a rustic Christmas star to shiny gold stars to fanciful crystal starbursts. Some star tree toppers are simple and unlit, while others add glitter and lights for extra sparkle on the Christmas tree. Complement your Christmas lights with a lighted star tree topper featuring incandescent or LED lights.

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angel tree topper in white dress


Elegant and ethereal, an angel tree topper reminds us of the angels that spread Christmas joy throughout the world. Like the Christmas star, angels also receive “top billing” on Christmas trees.

Many angel tree toppers wear flowing robes in shimmering fabrics with lace, metallic threads and other fine finishes. Angel tree toppers also may feature some kind of lighting  - incandescentLED and even fiber optic.

Whether you’re looking for a biblically accurate angel tree topper or a more stylized angel made from metal, capiz shells, wood or other materials, be sure to choose the right size for your tree. A Christmas angel tree topper typically ranges between nine and 18 inches tall and you don’t want your tree topper angel to hit her head on your ceiling!

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Santa Claus tree topper in red fur-trimmed robe


Father Christmas and Santa tree toppers are becoming more and more popular. Like Christmas angels, a Santa tree topper may feature luxurious robes of velvet or satin, with metallic and fur trim.

A Santa Claus tree topper evokes the magic of the Christmas season. Whether your Santa Christmas tree topper is a woodland Santa or dressed in traditional red, whether he is lighted or unlit, he’s sure to add seasonal charm to your Christmas tree.

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gold and silver snowflake tree topper with clear lights


Similar to a Christmas star, a snowflake tree topper blends Christmas traditions with a winter wonderland. You can find a snowflake Christmas tree topper in styles from modern to traditional. Varieties include classic metal snowflake designs, lighted crystal snowflake tree topper designs or a rustic wooden snowflake tree topper.

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A finial tree topper is a delicate, fluted column of blown glass, often embellished with paint and glitter. The hollow bases of finial Christmas tree toppers are just the right size to fit over the topmost tip of your Christmas tree. Finial tree toppers mimic traditional architectural details like church spires.

Since its elongated shape can make your Christmas tree quite a bit taller, proportion and planning are key. While some glass finials are a few inches high, others can extend anywhere from one to four feet! Tapered finial tree toppers make a bold statement for a traditional Christmas tree.

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A tree topper holds the place of honor on your Christmas tree. Choosing the style and design that best suits you ensures it will remain the focal point of your tree for many Christmases to come.

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