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Hang up Your Hammer: 9 Nail Free Ways to Decorate with Wreaths and Garland

Nov 2nd 2023

Decorating your home with beautiful Christmas decorations is one of the joys of the holidays. Hanging a wreath on your front door and draping Christmas garland along your fireplace mantel sets the tone for the season. Wall and tabletop decor, lights and candle lanterns, stockings and snow villages – we love them all!

But one thing we don’t love is dealing with nail holes left behind when the Christmas wreath and garlands have been stored away.

Luckily, knowing how to hang a wreath without nails is not really a secret. In fact, there are many easy ways to hang your holiday greenery that don’t involve picking up a hammer!

We’re sure at least a few of these ingenious and practical Christmas decoration accessories will work for you, too.

Magnetic Magic

A magnetic hook is a great option for temporarily hanging a wreath or other decoration on a metal door. Magnetic hooks are fairly inexpensive and completely removable. They’re weatherproof, too, which makes them a great option for use outdoors. Magnetic hooks often come with weight recommendations, so remember to weigh your decoration before choosing your hook. 

Over the Door Elegance

Save time and avoid holes in your beautiful front door. A wreath hanger lets you hang a Christmas wreath or other door decor in seconds. Understated or festive, you’ll find over the door hooks for every style and budget. A wreath door hanger that is adjustable lets you decide the perfect height to display your decorations. 

Siding Secrets

Enjoy the best of both worlds: Damage-free siding and an easy way to hang your decorations. Siding hooks that discreetly tuck under your siding are the secret weapon of many holiday decorators. For lightweight wreaths, opt for vinyl siding hooks. Double up for extra security when hanging heavier decorations. To avoid damaging your siding or losing your decorations, be sure to check the size and weight recommendations for the hooks you purchase.

Simple Suction Cups

For windows and other smooth surfaces, a jumbo suction cup hook is a game-changer. Use a heavy-duty suction cup to hang wreaths, garland, ornaments and other Christmas decorations. Don’t forget to clean the surface thoroughly before applying your wreath suction hook.

Ribbon Appeal

Wondering how to hang a wreath from a window? A length of ribbon can do wonders! Cut a length of bright Christmas ribbon, loop the ribbon through the wreath, knot it. Trap the knot end between the open window and window frame, then close the window. You can also hang wreaths, garland and other decorations using premade bows that have ties or long tails. You’ll add a touch of charm while keeping your Christmas decor secure.

Banister Ties

Here’s a pretty way to prevent scratches on your stair rail paint and woodwork. Soft and decorative banister ties are holiday themed, reusable and can support even elaborately decorated Christmas garlands. 

Stocking Holders

Weighted and decorative stocking holders and mantel garland hangers can be used to support many types of garland and decorations. Mantel hooks come in various styles. Choose garland hooks that are weighted or clip onto your mantel. Many fireplace mantel hooks serve a dual purpose, supporting both decorative garland and your Christmas stockings. Measure your mantel's depth for a perfect fit.

Doorframe Decor

Garland frames are specially designed for hanging garland around a doorway. An ingenious garland hanger frame works like a tension rod to support and drape your greenery. Use a sturdy ladder and a helping hand to hook garland around your front door and create a stunning entrance.

Trimmed and Tied

Whether they’re meant to blend with your decor or disappear into the greenery, you can find a number of decorating ties for a banister that will protect your paint and woodwork. For instance, you can choose green hook and loop fasteners or artificial garland ties that adjust easily and blend with your greenery. Or use clear, reusable plastic ties that are strong enough to handle garland, Christmas lights and rope lights with ease.

With the right hooks, hangers and ties, your Christmas decorating ability knows no bounds! Decorate your home more quickly and easily - without the damage. Then, enjoy the festive season knowing you won’t have to worry about paint and plaster touch-ups when the holidays are over.

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Hang up Your Hammer: 9 Nail Free Ways to Decorate with Wreaths and Garland

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