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How to Keep Your Christmas Inflatables from Blowing Away

Jul 12th 2022

Outdoor Christmas decorations are a great way to create a festive holiday look for your home’s exterior. Don’t let a few strong gusts of wind blow them away. Properly securing your inflatable Christmas decor gives you peace of mind knowing your investment won’t be damaged by bad weather. Here are a few tips to keep those inflatables secured all season long.

Pick the Right Location

Since wind is your inflatable decoration’s biggest challenge, try to avoid placing it out in the open. It's best to place inflatable Christmas decorations on flat ground (not on a hill or rise) in a protected spot. If possible, set your inflatable next to walls or bushes to help block the wind. Try to have a large object nearby, like a fence or pole, to help anchor your blow up Christmas decorations. 

Secure Them with Stakes

Ground stakes are a good way to keep inflatable lawn decorations secure. Many inflatable decorations come with tether lines and stakes, but you can buy additional tie-down stakes for added security. Pound the stakes into the ground as far as possible and use the tether lines to secure the inflatable.

If your blow up Christmas decoration doesn’t have a grommet or D-ring to attach a safety line, you can secure it with twine or lightweight rope. Inflate your lawn ornament, wrap the rope around the middle and tie it to the ground stakes. Make sure the rope doesn’t distort the decoration or restrict airflow.

Add Weights

Another way to secure large Christmas lawn decorations is by weighing them down with bags of sand or gravel. Simply tie the bag to the inflatable decoration, using the tether line or more rope. Anchor your inflatable in several spots to keep it steady during strong gusts.

Tie Them Down

As an alternative to ground stakes or weights, tie your inflatable decoration to another secure object, like a fence post, porch railing or tree. While inflated, wrap twine or thin rope around the middle of the yard decoration. Wrap the rope completely around the inflatable at least once, being careful not to cut off the airflow. Then, tie it to a nearby object.

Extra Security

The wind isn’t the only thing that can whisk away your outdoor lawn decorations. Unfortunately, large Christmas inflatables are sometimes the target of thieves. You can make your blow up Christmas decor harder to carry away by fastening them to a secure object like a porch rail or light pole with a bicycle lock or chain lock.

For added security, place Christmas yard decorations near motion-sensor lights and outdoor security cameras.

Inflatable decorations make a great addition to your outdoor Christmas decor. Protecting your inflatables from harsh winter winds helps ensure they will brighten your yard year after year.

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How to Keep Your Christmas Inflatables from Blowing Away

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