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Fun Pool Games to Try This Summer

May 25th 2018

Pool season is finally here! If you already have your  pool noodles and inner tubes and want to switch it up and try something new this summer, check out these awesome pool games:

floating pool basketball game

Floating Basketball

Take this classic game to the waters! Challenge your friends and family to a game of  floating basketball. Play one-on-one or in teams to see who can score the most goals. The floating net provides a fun new challenge!

pool dive rings

Dive Rings

Test your underwater skills with a game of “ring dive”. Each ring is numbered so you can keep track of who has the highest score at the end (you may want goggles for this one). Ready, set, dive!

pool ping pong paddle set

Paddle Pong

Choose from  waterproof ping pong balls or a badminton birdie for this super fun pool toy. See who can keep the volley going the longest, it might be more challenging than you think!

waterproof mini football

Classic Catch

Whether you’re poolside or in the water, you can enjoy a classic game of catch with these high-performance  mini football toys. They’re available in a variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite!

waterproof deck of cards

Pool Deck of Cards

These specially-designed  waterproof playing cards are perfect for indoors or outdoors, on dry land or right in the pool! Whether you want to challenge your friends to a game of blackjack or poker or you want to go solo with a relaxing game of solitaire, these cards are a great addition to your repertoire of pool games.

Fun Pool Games to Try This Summer

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