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Fluffy, Fuzzy, Felted or Feathery: Add Texture to Your Christmas Tree with These Trendy Ornaments

Nov 8th 2023

Some people love the tradition of timeless Christmas ornaments that grace their tree every year. Unwrapping familiar Christmas tree decorations is like reuniting with old friends.

Other decorators, however, prefer to change things up each season. They have set aside the vintage Christmas ornaments of their parents and grandparents. Their Christmas trees often lean into popular themes, with unique tree ornaments that express their personal style.

One of this season’s popular decorating trends calls for Christmas tree ornaments with texture. This trend encompasses ornaments in a variety of finishes, unusual shapes and non-traditional materials.

From faceted glass balls to feathery exotic and woodland birds to fuzzy stars, from velvet florals to sequins and beads, here are 10 Christmas ornament styles guaranteed to add texture to your Christmas tree.

Combining a smidgen of gleam with a knobby finish, this gold finial ornament adds texture and sophistication to your Christmas tree. At more than 8 inches, it’s large enough to be noticed, but simple enough not to be overpowering. Plus, its classic color blends well with many traditional styles.  

Let this set of 75 pink and silver shatterproof ornaments fill your tree with color and texture. The ornaments come in an array of sizes and shapes, from deep pink finials to petite faceted ball ornaments, that feature shiny, matte and glittery finishes. Plus, the pink shades lend a trendy vibe that speaks softly due to the ornaments' classic shapes and modest sizes.  

Gold glitter enhances the effect of this pine tip Christmas ornament ball. Combining the texture of pine with the glamor and shimmer of gold sparkles, this 6-inch gold ball adds interest, depth and dimension to your Christmas tree decor.  

Felt is one of this year’s trendiest Christmas ornament materials. Felt ornaments have a natural, old-fashioned warmth that work well with woodland, rustic country and Nordic themes. For those who prefer less glitter and sparkle, felt Christmas ornaments add a pretty, understated touch to your tree.

Bird ornaments have graced Christmas trees for decades. After all, what’s more natural than a bird in a tree? This bird combines a number of organic and rustic materials, including natural fibers, pinecones, burlap and Christmas plaid, to create a sweet addition for a little Christmas tree texture.

Here’s a Christmas ball ornament that leans into the Nordic motif. Combining faux fur and Nordic knit, this Scandinavian-inspired Christmas ornament invokes the coziness of warm mittens or a comfy sweater. The pine sprig, berry and pinecone accents bear just a kiss of snow.

Here’s a Christmas ornament that’s all fluff! Purple has become a trendy Christmas color, and this lavender feather ornament gets extra attention for its multi-hued, downy texture. The entire effect of feather Christmas ornaments is one of serene softness as a contrast to dark and bristly pine branches.

Evoke romance and understated glamor with a champagne gold velvet rose clip-on ornament. Its soft color and texture contrasts beautifully with dark pine. Velvet ornaments make a perfect foil for shiny gold and silver ornaments and a beautiful way to accent a black and white theme.

Shape and texture combine in an ornament that blends with many different styles. With a silver frost-patterned finish and silver and white beaded and sequin accents that mimic ice and snow, this versatile glass onion ornament provides sparkle and personality when paired with metallics, black and white, blues and other monochromatic styles, or traditional red and green.

You don’t need to go all-out to add texture to a Christmas tree. A few textured Christmas ornaments can go a long way. Introducing just a smattering of visual and tactile interest can add scads of personality to your tree.

Take a closer look at Christmas Central’s Christmas ornament selection for your Christmas tree.

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Fluffy, Fuzzy, Felted or Feathery: Add Texture to Your Christmas Tree with These Trendy Ornaments

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