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5 Essential Accessories for Easier Christmas Decorating

Nov 15th 2022

Baby, it’s cold outside! So you really don’t want to be out there hanging lights and setting up outdoor Christmas decorations any longer than you have to. Consider a few decorating accessories that can make the job easier and less stressful. You may not even have known these handy-dandy gadgets existed, but if you put Christmas decorations outdoors, at least one of them is sure to help the job go more smoothly.

1. Light Tester

Light Keeper Pro Christmas light tester

What do you do when one part of your light strand won’t light? Most of the time, there’s just one fix.

Check. Every. Single. Bulb.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of tool that could help pinpoint the problem? Guess what? There is.

Christmas Central offers the Light Keeper and Light Keeper Pro, two all-in-one, battery-operated, hand-held devices that test bulbs and fuses, pull spent bulbs and help diagnose and repair failed light sets. If you hang a lot of lights, a Light Keeper can help save time as well as money by fixing Christmas light strands you might otherwise have thrown away.

2. Ladderless Light Hanger

ladderless light hanging kit

Hang your Christmas lights on gutters and trees around your home without a ladder. The adapter end of this extendable pole lets you attach gutter clips and lights up to 11 feet beyond your arm reach while you stay safely on the ground. A ladderless light hanging kit could be the best Christmas present you give yourself this year!

3. Light Clips

clear gutter and shingle Christmas light clips

Metal screw hooks leave holes in your house and, over time, can result in unsightly rust stains on your home’s exterior.

Christmas Central offers a variety of Christmas light clips that keep your outdoor Christmas lights straight and secure throughout the season without compromising the integrity of your roofing or siding. With gutter clip sets in quantities of 25 to 1,000, it’s easy to make sure you have enough to decorate the whole house!

4. Tie Down and Light Stakes

tie-down and light stakes

Here’s another versatile accessory that might have escaped your notice: Combination decoration tie-down and light stakes. Perfect for lining garden edges and pathways with string lights, they’re also helpful in keeping inflatables and other lawn decorations from tumbling down the street with the next icy blast of wind.

5. Suction Cups

4 inch wreath hook suction cup

Sometimes, the simplest solution is best. Such is the case with the modest suction cup, one of the easiest ways to hang lights, wreaths or garland on your windows and doors. With suction cups, you can avoid hooks, tape or other methods that could leave permanent marks. They take virtually no room to store, so you can use them season after season.

Additional Accessories

It’s true that the littlest things make the biggest difference. With a few small accessories, your Christmas decorations can make a big impact this holiday season.

While you’re here, we offer a reminder to check your supplies for spare bulbs and fuses. Also, consider planning ahead by purchasing light reels and decoration storage bags for after the holidays!

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