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The Benefits of Commercial Christmas Decorations

It’s true that Christmas seems to come earlier every year. But it isn’t only retailers rushing the holidays. According to the 2023 Celigo Holiday Shopping Trends survey, as reported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, at least half of consumers start their Christmas shopping between Labor Day and Halloween.

Especially when times are tough, as they have been the past few years, Christmas decorations make people feel happier. Part of the effect may be due to the change in our environment. The lights and bright colors trigger feel-good hormones, notes Today.

Christmas decorations also have a social component. Research shows that people who decorate their homes are considered more friendly. By extension, you may be able to influence customers’ perceptions about your business with a cheery Christmas display.

That said, what retailer can be blamed for hauling out their Christmas decorations early?

What Office Christmas Decorations Will You Need?

Before you decorate your business this year, take time to assess your Christmas decor. After several years in storage, your old office Christmas decorations may be worn or sadly out of date. Toss out damaged electrical cords and lighted decorations, as well as anything that is ragged, broken or just plain ugly.

Evaluate replacements and new additions to your Christmas decor for the office by “shopping” your own store, or touring your office building to identify the areas you want to decorate. 

Make note of large, empty spaces that could use some pizazz and dark areas that can benefit from extra lighting. Identify potential decorating obstacles, like ceilings that are especially high or low, odd corners or places that lack electrical outlets. 

A list of possible decorations for your commercial space includes:

- Christmas lights
- Lighted decorations
- Wreaths and garland
- Giant Christmas trees
- Giant bows
- Oversized ornaments
- Life-size Christmas figures
- Outdoor fiberglass or inflatable decorations
- Heavy-duty extension cords

Finalize your list and place your order. The earlier the better! It may take time for your Christmas decorations to arrive and for your maintenance crew or decorating service to put things in place. Planning early ensures your halls will be decked before the holiday rush.

The Benefits of Commercial Decorations

Commercial Christmas decorations are a popular choice for decorating a retail shop or office building, due to their scale, durability and energy savings. 


Big spaces deserve big decorations. Commercial Christmas decor is typically proportioned to provide maximum visual impact, even in an expansive office environment. Consider the space you need to decorate and buy large scale Christmas decorations that won't be dwarfed by their setting. 

For instance, a standard 7-foot Christmas tree will look out of place in a sprawling lobby, and the glass ball ornaments you hang on your Christmas tree will seem miniature on a 14-foot commercial Christmas tree.

Conversely, a 5 foot wreath can hold its own when hung beside your company logo on your entry wall. And you may find extra-long commercial Christmas lights and garland are more appropriately scaled and more convenient to install in your business than similar products offered for residential use.


Most businesses choose commercial grade Christmas decorations because of their durability. Commercial Christmas decorations are typically stronger, weather and crush resistant. They feature commercial-grade PVC, metal frames and UV-resistant paint that can withstand harsh weather. Plus, their vivid colors will attract attention from across the street, parking lot or mall thoroughfare and stay bright for years. Their durability and longevity makes indoor and outdoor commercial Christmas decorations both a practical option and a good value.

Energy Savings

Many commercial decorations utilize energy-efficient LED lights for reduced energy costs. With bright, vibrant colors and technology that uses up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting, today’s LED commercial grade Christmas lights are the perfect option to light large commercial display pieces and incorporate into industrial sized light displays. 


Big box stores may carry a giant Christmas tree and oversized wreath or two - but what if you need more than a few? Many decorators turn to commercial Christmas decoration vendors to obtain Christmas decorations in large quantities. Professionals who decorate large buildings or who serve several clients appreciate knowing they can get multiples of their preferred holiday decor all in one place.


Another advantage of commercial Christmas decor is its versatility. Many commercial wreaths and Christmas garlands come undecorated, making it easy to add ornaments and baubles that suit your theme. In addition, buyers may choose commercial Christmas lighting socket sets that enable them to customize a light display with C9 bulbs in their preferred color scheme.

Commercial Decorations: Value, Scale, Durability, Flexibility

When simply displaying Christmas decorations can boost staff morale and seasonal sales figures, it only makes sense to spruce up your business for the holidays.

Commercial Christmas decorations provide the value, scale, durability and flexibility to make a positive impact on your business and your bottom line.