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Which Patio Lights Are Perfect For You?

May 13th 2020

Summer lights for Patio

Summer is upon us, and that means it’s time to turn your backyard into that outdoor space everyone will love. From the comfortable furniture on your patio to the outdoor decor items, it all creates that inviting scene in your backyard. However, there’s no better way to finish off decorating your outdoor space than by adding a few strands of patio lights. Not sure which style of lights is best for you? We hope this helps describe the variety of popular backyard patio lights available today.

1. Clear Globe Lights For That Elegant Touch

These clear patio lights are one of the most popular ways to lighten up any outdoor space. We enjoy their traditional and timeless style. When the sun sets, these globe lights will allow your guests to party through the night. Designed with end to end connectors, you have the ability to string multiple strands of these lights together to create a perfect layout. Let these decorative clear globe patio lights keep you entertaining all night long!

2. Pretty in Pastel

Take popular globe lights and add trendy pastels to create an on-point light look. These multi-colored yarn lights add a pretty palette to a neutral space by using cream, green, and pink. They have end to end connectors allowing you to strand multiple lights together. Maybe add them around a doorway or railing? The opportunities are endless, and we know one thing that’s for sure, and that’s your guests will be impressed!

3. Go Classic With Clear Mini Lights

Clear mini lights don’t have to be confined to Christmas. They are actually one of the most popular ways to enhance any outdoor space. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to light up your backyard, these lights are for you. It’s the traditional and simplistic look these lights bring that people love. We also love the fact that if one bulb burns out, the rest of the lights stay lit. You can use these anywhere and they’ll never go out of style. It doesn’t get much better than that!

4. Enjoy Happy Hour All Summer Long With Martini Lights

It’s five o’clock somewhere right? Bring a little happy hour vibe to your backyard all summer long with these decorative lights. We adore how they can add some serious personality to any backyard with their fun designs and colors. With seven feet of length, you can easily place one strand around some trees or with their end to end connectors, you can wrap them around your entire patio. There’s no doubt they will be a conversation starter when guests come over. What’s better than hanging lights with martini glasses and a lot of color for the summer?

5. Bring Summer Vibes With Flamingo & Palm Tree Lights

Flamingos and palm trees scream vacation and relaxation. If you want to add some fun to your backyard during the summer, these quirky lights are for you. We love how these unique lights bring those summer vibes to the backyard, even on those not so nice summer days. String together multiple strands of these bright lights with their end to end connectors, and watch them add that much-needed summer style to your backyard!

Decorative patio lights are the ideal way to finish up decorating your outdoor space. With plenty of different styles from traditional to novelty lights, you can find the perfect ones that suit your home’s style. Keep your party going all night long during the summer with your patio lights! Need some more backyard decorating inspiration? Check out our tips for decorating your patio for entertaining guests here.

Which Patio Lights Are Perfect For You?

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