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Versatile and Stunning: Unsung Topiary Works with Many Design Styles

Jul 28th 2023

When it comes to home decorating, one of the hardest working and overlooked elements you can add for style and color is the humble topiary tree.

A topiary tree or bush is defined by its ornamental form. You’ll find conical and spiral shaped topiaries, as well as ball, double-ball and even three ball topiary trees.

While live topiary trees are always an option, artificial topiary trees offer several advantages. A faux topiary doesn’t need watering, pruning or fertilizing, making it an excellent choice for those who lack the time or expertise for plant care. This is helpful in locations where natural vegetation may struggle to thrive due to harsh weather conditions, like outside on your front porch, or in areas with limited sunlight, like a dim hallway. Your topiary will look vibrant and lush year-round and will never outgrow its spot or container!

18 inch pre-lit artificial boxwood cone topiary tree

Topiary plants can work well with various decorating styles, depending on how they are incorporated into the overall design. Here are a few decorating styles where topiaries may be used to complement the aesthetic:

Formal and Traditional

Because of their manicured appearance, topiaries have long been associated with formal and traditional designs. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to spaces with classic decor elements. For this style, choose a cone, ball or spiral topiary to create a structured and refined look. Placing topiaries in grand entryways or alongside classic architectural features can enhance the traditional ambiance.

Contemporary and Minimalist

While topiaries are often associated with classic styles, they can also work well in contemporary and minimalist settings. Faux topiary trees with more geometric and abstract shapes create an interesting contrast against clean lines and modern materials. A sculptural large topiary can act as a focal point in minimalist spaces, adding a touch of nature while maintaining a sleek and refined aesthetic.

Mediterranean and French Country

Topiaries are frequently found in Mediterranean and French Country styles, where they blend harmoniously with the rustic and romantic ambiance. Boxwood topiaries, for example, are commonly used in these styles, often shaped into balls or pyramids. Placing topiaries in terracotta pots or incorporating them into garden pathways can evoke a charming and relaxed Mediterranean or French countryside atmosphere.

Other Topiary Design Possibilities

It's important to consider the overall design concept and desired atmosphere when incorporating topiaries into a specific decorating style.

Lighting, for instance, is an option with some topiaries. A lighted topiary can add a warm glow to a dark corner of your foyer or even near your front entrance at night. Slip your topiary into a ceramic pot or decorative planter to more closely match your style.

By selecting appropriate shapes, sizes and placements, an artificial topiary can enhance and complement various design aesthetics.

Topiary trees offer endless design possibilities. Whether you prefer a traditional spiral topiary tree, topiary ball or more unique and intricate designs, there is an artificial topiary tree available to suit your preferences. They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to select the perfect tree to complement your decor theme.

And while topiaries are great design additions all year long, a Christmas topiary adds particular style notes to your holiday decor!

The variety topiaries offer makes them a versatile decorative element for homes, offices or any space in need of a visually appealing focal point.

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Versatile and Stunning: Unsung Topiary Works with Many Design Styles

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