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The Ultimate Summer Soundtracks (and Why)

Jun 25th 2019

Picture yourself diving into that pool with your friends during the day and then enjoying s’mores around the bonfire at night. This should describe a summer night pretty accurate. The one thing that will make it even better is having that bluetooth speaker playing the perfect summer soundtracks for you to enjoy. We gathered a few songs for you to add to your summer playlist and why we think they should be on there!

Siesta Key FL Beach During Day

“All Summer Long” - Kid Rock

There’s no better song to kickoff the summer than “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock. It reminds you of all the good times to come during the summer months. Those days playing on the beach and the long summer nights by the campfire. However you enjoy your summer, it’s almost crucial that you add this song to your summer playlist. Go out and enjoy those summer days with family and friends!

“Good Life” - OneRepublic

Dive into your pool or jump into the lake and relax on your float. Enjoy the warm summer days with family and friends realizing how good life is right now! How much better can it get than sitting on your patio soaking in the sun or playing pool games with your friends? Take it all in before winter rolls around!

“Cold One” - Eric Church

This is a must have song on your playlist if you’re entertaining guests on that warm summer day. After spending some time settling in, the first thing adults do is grab a drink whether it’s a cold beer or soda. Eric Church wrote the perfect song for those who like to relax on the patio or in the pool on a float with a cold drink. Get your guests into that party mood with this mix of country and rock’n roll theme song.

Sunset at Siesta Key Beach

“Vacation” - Thomas Rhett

It’s no secret that some families take vacations during the summer. When you’re on the beach or by the pool, this is the perfect song to put on your speaker. It represents the majority of what families do on vacations to warmer climates. So kick back in that lounge chair with your toes in the sand or jump on that pool float and start singing along to “Vacation” by Thomas Rhett!

Backyard Patio With Lights for Entertaining

“American Nights” - Morgan Wallen

Entertaining is taken to the next level during the summer. People know how to decorate their homes for parties during the summer with different patio decor and lights. Spending time with family and friends by the pool during the day and bonfire at night is a true representation of summer. “American Nights” by Morgan Wallen knows exactly how these parties are during the summer and his song defines it perfectly. It’s a great addition to any summer playlist!

Now that you have a few summer soundtracks to enjoy, go out and enjoy these few summer months with your family and friends!

The Ultimate Summer Soundtracks (and Why)

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