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Deck the Howls: Spook Up Your Seasonal Decor with a Trendy Halloween Tree

Sep 8th 2023

A trend is catching on among people who love celebrating Halloween - decorated Halloween trees. Similar to a Christmas tree, a Halloween tree features lights, decorations and garland, all with a Halloween theme.

A Halloween tree, sometimes called a Halloween Christmas tree, is a fun way to expand on your autumn decor. Think spiders and skeletons, ghosts and pumpkins, all nestled among the midnight black branches of a black artificial tree. Or imagine plastic spiders or lime green ball ornaments dangling from a gnarled twig tree.

Whether you prefer sweet Halloween decor or something sinister, you’ll have fun planning Halloween tree decorations tuned to your particular decorating style. 

How Do You Decorate a Halloween Tree?

There are numerous ways to create decorated Halloween trees. Let us treat you to an early exploration showcasing the range of Halloween lights, ornaments and decor available to enhance your spooky season celebrations.

Choose Your Tree

Search “black Christmas tree” or “Halloween tree” and you may be surprised at the number and variety of Halloween decorating ideas that pop up. You’ll find Halloween trees that look like a traditional Christmas tree dressed in black with orange lights. A tri-color candy corn Halloween tree is another option. You’ll also discover gnarled and twisted twig trees and even easy-to-use pre-decorated pop up trees. Once you find your look, you can start planning your overall decorating theme.


Halloween tree ideas:

Light it Up

The beauty of starting with an unlit black Christmas tree is that you can add exactly the style and number of lights you want. Layer warm white, yellow and orange Halloween tree lights for a candy corn look or try yellow and orange candy corn lights. Purple lights or green mini lights lend an eerie atmosphere.Or choose a lighted Halloween tree and add unique lights and light up Halloween decorations to really make it stand out. Novelty Halloween string lights offer fun designs like jack o’lanterns, ghosts and spiders. For a real show-stopper, tuck a lighted Halloween window silhouette among the branches.

Halloween light ideas:

Add Ornaments

Once the lights are set, you’re ready to decorate! There really are no rules when it comes to choosing Halloween tree ornaments. It may help to start by deciding on your Halloween tree style. Once you’ve decided, you can start gathering Halloween ornaments to support your theme. For instance, Jack o’lanterns are family friendly, while spiders and ghosts are faintly creepy. A truly scary Halloween tree may include skeletons, skulls and bloodshot eyeballs, all of which look dramatically grim in the branches of a black Halloween tree.

Halloween tree ornament ideas:


As with Christmas garland, Halloween garland nicely finishes off your Halloween tree decorations. Try traditional tinsel garland in purple, orange, black or silver. Or complete a theme with novelty garland featuring pumpkins, ghosts, bats and other spooky creatures. Not only is garland a great accent for your Halloween tree, it complements other Halloween decor when used on mantels, around doorways and twined throughout your Halloween party buffet table!


Halloween garland ideas:

Other Decorations

You could hide the tree base with a tree skirt, but why waste good decorating real estate? A Halloween tableau is much more fun! Arrange pumpkin decorations, Halloween lanterns or flameless candles beneath the tree. Put together a Halloween village, scatter some skeleton bones under the tree or layer autumn leaf garland with more Halloween lights.

Other Halloween decorations:

Trick or Tree!

The best thing about a Halloween tree is that there’s no pressure about how you decorate it. Any style you choose – crazy, creepy, kooky or kid-friendly – will fit right in with the Halloween vibe.

Go all-out with a 6 foot Halloween tree in your living room or scale back with a smaller sized tree for a tabletop or foyer. Add to your outdoor Halloween decorations by placing a decorated Halloween tree on a covered porch or patio.

This October, add a new element to your seasonal decorations. Dare to decorate a Halloween tree! 


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Deck the Howls: Spook Up Your Seasonal Decor with a Trendy Halloween Tree

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