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Make Your Garden Stand Out This Spring

Mar 4th 2019

With the warmer weather approaching, it’s almost time to prep your garden for the year. From bird feeders to decorative garden stakes, there are plenty options to compliment your green thumb. Here are a few ideas to add some fun to your garden.

White Birdhouse on Tree

Add Elegance & Get Benefits From Bird Feeders

If you’re looking for a new garden accent that will add a sense of elegance, a bird feeder is the way to go. As a gardener, you probably don’t like to weed. Attracting birds will decrease the amount of time you have to spend weeding since birds eat the seeds of weeds. Birds are also known to eat a variety of insects, which means fewer will invade your plants and flowers. That’s a big benefits to any gardener. With a variety of bird feeders and houses to choose from, you’ll be sure to find that perfect one for your garden.

Spruce Up Your Garden with Decorative Stakes

Adding decorative garden stakes can add eye-catching appeal. Unique designs allow you to showcase your own style and personality. From LED lighted solar lanterns to windmill-designed stakes, you have a wide selection to choose from. If you’re looking for a quick way to make your garden stand out, all you need to do is add a few decorative garden stakes.  

Decorative Black Planter With Pink Flowers

Showcase Your Design Style With Planters

If you’re looking for a nice garden item that serves a purpose, then garden planters are a great option for you. Planters offer you the opportunity to show your design style while maintaining your plants. While there are plenty of choices to choose from, it’s crucial that you get the right size planter for your plant. Find one that is the same size that your plant is growing in now. Don’t go too big or small as it may cause damage to your plant. 

While you may be drawn to all the decor options, it’s important to check the drainage of the planter first. Not many plants survive in standing water, so choose your planter accordingly. With that said, there are plenty of planters for your garden. Choose one that fits your style, and make your garden stand out! 

If you’re looking to change the way your garden looks this year, these few tips will help make your garden stand out. Go elegant with bird feeders or keep it simple with decorative garden stakes. Whatever you choose to do, this year you can carry the style of your home into your garden.

Make Your Garden Stand Out This Spring

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