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4 Essential Pool Water Treatment Products and How to Use Them

Apr 15th 2024

As a pool owner, there’s a lot you need to know about pool maintenance. All those chemicals you add to your pool water, for instance. What are they for and when do you use them?

To help keep your pool water clean, clear and healthy, you will use four main products:

These are all completely different pool chemicals, each with a specific purpose:

Pool Clarifiers

These products are used to improve the clarity of pool water by gathering and settling suspended particles and debris that cloud the water. A pool clarifier causes small particles to clump together into larger clusters so they can be removed automatically by the pool’s filtration system or manually using a skimmer. Clarifiers do not affect the chemical balance of the pool water.
A pool pH testing kit in use, held against the backdrop of a swimming pool

Pool Water Balancers

Pool owners should know how to balance pool water pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness to ensure the water is safe and comfortable to swim in. Pool pH defines the acidity or basicity of the water. Alkalinity measures the ability of the water to resist changes in pH. Calcium hardness measures how hard or soft your pool water is. Using pool water balancers to keep these factors at their optimal levels helps prevent corrosion, scaling and other problems.

Pool Shock

Pool shock is a powerful oxidizer that is used to kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms in pool water. It is often used as a treatment for algae blooms, cloudy water and other pool water problems.

Pool shock treatment typically contains high levels of chlorine or other sanitizing agents, which rapidly raises the level of free available chlorine in the water to destroy contaminants. Shocking a pool is a crucial step in maintaining a safe and healthy swimming environment.


Regular use of other water treatment products does not replace the need for pool chlorine, a powerful disinfectant and sanitizer that is specifically designed to kill harmful microorganisms in pool water. Using a pool chlorinator in combination with water clarifiers, balancers and pool shock, ensures your pool is both clean and safe for swimming.

Keep in mind that chlorine should be used in moderation to avoid over-chlorinating the water, which can lead to skin and eye irritation, unpleasant odors and tastes in the water. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when using any pool maintenance products, including chlorine.

a clear blue-tiled swimming pool, underwater

Overall Pool Maintenance

The swimming pool chemicals used to maintain water health and safety are not limited to these four products. You may occasionally need to use an algaecide, cleaner or stain remover to keep your pool looking its best.

By regularly testing and adjusting your pool water, you ensure clean, contaminant free swimming for your friends and family.

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4 Essential Pool Water Treatment Products and How to Use Them

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