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How to Keep Your Patio Furniture from Blowing Away

Apr 24th 2018

Whether or not you live in a particularly windy climate, strong winds do occasionally happen. When they do, don’t let your patio furniture be swept away! Follow these great tips on how to keep your patio furniture in place, even when the weather gets a bit dicey:



If they can work on hot air balloons, they’ll work for your furniture! Tie heavy sandbags to the legs of your furniture pieces for extra weight to keep them down in high gusts of wind.

bungee cords

Bungee Cords

Tether your furniture to the ground, house, fence, tree, or other immobile object by using bungee cords. For a snug fit, wrap the cords around the legs of your chairs and tables at least a couple of times.

lawn stakes

Lawn Stakes

If your furniture sits on the grass, try anchoring your furniture down by using lawn stakes. The design of some pieces can allow for the stake to go through table or chair legs for extra stability.

stacked chairs

Stack 'em Up

Try stacking chairs and putting them in a corner close to the house. Furniture that is nested together against a stable surface will be better able to withstand the wind.

earthquake gel

Apply Earthquake Gel

For a semi-permanent solution, apply earthquake gel to the bottom of your patio furniture to keep them in place. Although it won’t be impossible, rearranging your furniture in the future may be a bit of a challenge, so make sure you’re happy with your current setup!

tall trees & bushes

Add a Windbreak to Your Landscape

Large trees and shrubberies can be very effective at weakening the force of strong winds. Other benefits include better shade and more privacy.

wrought iron table & chairs

Wrought Iron Furniture

If you live in a consistently windy climate, it might be a good idea to invest in patio furniture with wrought-iron frames. The heaviness of the material might provide some challenges, but it’s a very safe bet that it will heartily withstand gusty weather.

patio with furniture

Bring it Inside

Although this may seem like an obvious one, it bears repeating. If the forecast is looking breezy or there’s a wind advisory, play it safe and bring your furniture indoors or keep it in the garage until the storm passes.

How to Keep Your Patio Furniture from Blowing Away

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