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How To Hang Wreaths & Garland Without Nails

Nov 19th 2020

Wreaths and garlands are the perfect way to complete the look of your home for the holiday season. However, hanging or even placing them throughout your home could mean permanent holes on your walls, mantel, or doors. We’re here to help you avoid this problem as you decorate your home!

Adhesive Hooks

A great tool for hanging both wreaths and garland are adhesive hooks like Command Strips. They provide the strength needed to hold your wreath or garland while not leaving any marks. If needed, they can be removed and repositioned to get the look you want. With clear adhesive hooks, you can hang wreaths on your windows or glass doors without seeing any hooks.

How To Use: Before you begin, thoroughly clean the area where you plan on placing your wreath or garland. Following the instructions on the hooks you have, place them on the wall or door. Once the adhesive hooks are secure, simply hang the wreath on the hook.

Over The Door Wreath Hangers

Christmas wreaths are a great way to welcome your guests into your home. A simple way to hang your wreath on any door is with over-the-door wreath hangers. The majority of these hangers fit standard doors and some are designed with metal frames to support heavier wreaths. Depending on how you like to decorate, you may find the adjustable hangers better for you. They let you adjust the height of your wreath display.

How to use: Place the wreath hanger over your door and hang your wreath from the hook.

Twisty Gear Ties

If you’re someone who loves to create that festive entryway for your guests, adding garland to your railing is a must. Make it easy on yourself when you go to secure your garland using twisty gear ties. These colorful ties are a simple way to keep your garland from sliding down your railing or keeping it secured to your mantel. With their sturdy design and versatility, you will be able to secure almost any garland in your home.

How to use: we recommend placing a twisty tie about every two feet to keep your garland from sliding down.

Decorative Ribbon

Ribbon can serve multiple purposes during the holidays. Not only can it bring a decorative touch to your home, but it can also help showcase your wreaths. With a wide selection to choose from, you can find ribbon that suits your decorating style.

How to use: Loop one end of the ribbon through the center of the wreath, then tie both ends of the ribbon. Use a hook or handle to hang your wreaths from the ribbon.

Garland Hangers

Everyone wants to make a grand entrance for the holidays. Carefully draped garland over a doorway achieves this dramatic look with the help of Garland hangers. Using spring tension, there’s absolutely no need for nails. Coming in multiple sizes, you can find the one that fits your doorway.

How to use: Simply mount it around your door. Adjust it as needed. Then, drape your garland to your liking.

When the Christmas season comes to an end, you can take down all of your decor without any visible trace of drilling holes or ruining the paint. For more best practices when it comes to Christmas decorating, click here.

How To Hang Wreaths & Garland Without Nails

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