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Create Your Own Artificial Flower Arrangement

May 17th 2018

Nothing changes the look of a room like a colorful flower arrangement. Great for counters, table centerpieces and more, flowers can immediately make any room appear warm and inviting. But instead of using real flowers that you’d have to throw away after a week or two, why not go with an artificial flower arrangement?

Unlike real flowers, artificial flowers are long-lasting and require very little maintenance. There’s no worrying about pollen or wilting petals, all it takes is the occasional dusting to keep your flowers looking great. Here’s how you can create your own artificial flower arrangement in just a few simple steps.


Find Your Vase:

Before you get started with your flowers, make sure you decide what vase you’re going to use. Deciding on your vase first will give you a good idea of how big of an arrangement you’ll want. We have a variety of  vases available, but you can use virtually anything for a vase, from a teacup or mason jar to a straw basket.

artificial flower

Add In The Main Flowers:

Now that you’ve got your vase, it’s time to add the flowers! We have a great selection of  stem silk flowers that you can choose from including roses, lilies and more. If you’re having trouble deciding which flowers to use, choose a color scheme that you can follow and use that to make your decisions. You’re going to want to have flowers of various sizes, but make sure to add the biggest and most prominent flowers first. Cut the stems to the length you need and place them in your vase.

artificial sprays

The Finishing Touches:

Once you’ve put the larger flowers into place, use some smaller silk flowers to fill in the empty spaces. If you’d like to mix it up a bit, you can also add in some of our  branches or our picks and sprays for filler to complete the look.

Whether you’re looking to decorate for a party or decorate your dining room table, we’ve got what you need to make the perfect flower arrangement. Take a look at our  artificial floral selection today!

Create Your Own Artificial Flower Arrangement

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