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Christmas Traditions You Can Start Now

Dec 19th 2019

So Christmas is right around the corner and you probably think everything Christmas related is complete. We don’t think that’s true, especially if you have younger kids in the house. Now is the perfect time to start those Christmas traditions that you can do year after year, creating memories that will last forever. Sure time may be running out, but there are plenty of new traditions you can do with your family as Christmas approaches. We hope these few ideas give you some inspiration to carry on a new tradition during Christmas time.

Popcorn On Table In Living Room

Bring The Family Together For A Movie Night

Once Thanksgiving is over, those popular Christmas movies begin to show up on your TV guide. Why not take a night with your family and watch one together? In today’s society, we get caught up in our busy schedules and our kids love to spend the majority of their time on their phones. Having a fun movie night lets everyone put everything away for a night, and spend quality time together. So, pick out one of your favorite Christmas movies, pop that popcorn, and go enjoy a cold winter night inside watching a movie with your family!

Volunteer Hands

Make The Most Of The Season Of Giving By Volunteering

We know some of you may be thinking that volunteering is definitely not for your family. Why not actually try it out and see how your family (mostly the kids) respond to it. From spending time at the local food bank to time at the Salvation Army, there are plenty of different opportunities for volunteering during the holidays. For the majority of people, after they spend time at places like these, they see how grateful others are for their help. Making volunteering a tradition during the holidays will affect both your family and others in the community.

Decorated Gingerbread House on Table

Add Some Christmas Magic With Gingerbread House

If it’s not already a tradition to decorate a gingerbread house during the holidays, now’s the time to start that new tradition. Nothing is better than turning that plain gingerbread house into a masterpiece with sweet treats your family members love! From creating that perfect Christmas house to Santa’s workshop, the designs are endless when decorating gingerbread houses. However you decorate your gingerbread house, you can be sure it will bring some Christmas magic to your home. Don’t eat all the candy when you’re decorating your house!

Christmas Gift Wrapped

The Secret Santa Gift Exchange

If you haven’t been apart of a Secret Santa exchange, you’re missing out and you probably should start one this season. Starting a Secret Santa is a great way to get and exchange gifts with family or friends. Gather up a group of people (preferably an even number of people), and put all the names in a hat. Have each person pick a name from the hat, and that will be the person he or she will be buying for. It’s always good to set a spending limit when doing a Secret Santa. There are plenty of ways to exchange gifts when you’re ready, but the most common is to simply hand your gift to the person you bought for.

Christmas may be coming up quick, but it’s not too late to start a new tradition during the holiday season. Christmas traditions help make the holidays more memorable and add some much-needed fun to the holiday season.

Christmas Traditions You Can Start Now

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