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Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

Dec 28th 2020

We all love to decorate the tree and our homes for Christmas, but fewer people enjoy putting it all away for next year. However, a little organization goes a long way to protecting your investments and making it easy to decorate again next year. Here are some quick tips on storing Christmas decorations.

Christmas Wreath Storage

When storing wreaths, keep in mind that they need to keep their shape. Therefore, they need to be stored in a container or box that will lessen the pressure on the frame. Placing them standing up is a bit difficult while laying them flat limits your storage space as you can’t have anything placed on top of your wreath.

A better option is to store your wreath in a sturdy bag to protect it from the elements. You can then simply hang it on the wall of your storage space. This takes up less space and helps maintain the shape of the wreath.

Christmas Tree Storage

Christmas trees are one of the trickiest items to store. Many people try to keep the cardboard box they originally came in. However, this isn’t the ideal way to keep your tree protected. We recommend using an artificial Christmas tree storage bag when you store your tree. These bags are durable and help prevent bulb breakage.

If your tree has hinged branches, you want to first compress the flared branches back into a narrow configuration and then fold them up, starting from the top. This allows the tree to fit properly into the storage bag. Trees with removable branches should be stacked in storage with the largest branches on the bottom to make as much use of the space as possible. Whether your tree is stored in a box or bag, the tree should be laid flat, rather than on its end. This will keep all the materials from shifting when stored. Flocked trees should not be stored in hot conditions as heat may cause flocking to turn yellow.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Ornaments and other small figurines should be stored in boxes. We recommend using ornament boxes that provide individual spaces for maximum safety.

Other options include filing a durable box with shredded newspaper or other soft filler. This will help keep the ornaments separate. When you store these boxes, don’t stack them as this may cause some ornaments to break.

Christmas Light Storage

Storing lights can be tricky. We recommend using light reels and light wraps. Storing lights in small containers may lead to tangled and possibly broken bulbs. Light reels and storage wraps are greatly effective tools for keeping your lights organized and tangle-free.

Properly storing your Christmas decorations and trees can help keep them looking great each Christmas season. We hope these tips will help you protect your decorations as you store them after the holiday season. Do you need help storing that beautiful artificial Christmas tree? We have you covered here!

Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

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