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Casual to Classic: Add Style to Your Yard with a Fabulous Garden Fountain

Apr 25th 2023

For centuries, fountains and water features have been incorporated into gardens and cityscapes for their beauty and aesthetics. Whether they’re ancient and iconic, like Rome's Trevi Fountain, or modern and gravity-defying like the Nine Floating Fountains in Osaka, there’s something about a fountain that captivates and delights.

Many people consider the gentle sound of trickling water among the most soothing. And although few people have a yard the size of Versailles or Central Park, a garden fountain can still add interest and impact.

Self-contained garden fountains use a small pump to continually circulate water from a reservoir to the top of a statue or structure, where the water is released to fall back into the basin below. Beautiful on their own, outdoor fountains are also popular additions to koi ponds and backyard water features.

Especially in the spring and summer, you can find garden fountains at nurseries, home centers and even craft shows.

Before buying a backyard fountain, plan where you will put it. Your fountain most likely will need electricity to run, so placing it in a far corner of your yard may not be practical. People often like to locate their water fountain near a porch, patio or seating area, or in a nearby garden, where its aesthetics can be appreciated.

Make sure the size of your fountain is appropriate for the setting. The smallest fountains stand about a foot in height or less and are perfect for tabletop use, while mid-sized fountains work well among smaller garden plantings. Large backyard fountains are often meant to be focal points and will look out of place if the landscaping is not proportionately large scale. 

Outdoor fountains can be found in many sizes and styles like these:


The dark color and moss-covered look of this classical Grecian urn fountain takes a modern twist with a deconstructed design. The 31-inch fountain is self-sustaining and would be an eye-catcher in your garden or on your patio.


A charming little house beside a waterfall, with fanciful mushrooms clustered below can add a touch of whimsy to your garden. Accent your fairy garden or tuck this 24-½-inch solar lighted waterfall fountain playfully amid your flowers. 


At nearly 2-½ feet tall, this ​rustic fountain with the face of the sun features a square base clad with weathered rock in warm tones. It’s the perfect problem solver for a blank space or awkward corner.


Mimicking the structural elegance of granite, this small contemporary water fountain is just the right size for a tabletop, the corner of your porch or nestled amid ground-hugging plants. The fountain’s striking dark color and elegant shape is a perfect foil for white flowers or lime-green foliage.


As peaceful as a walk in the woods! Driftwood and stones combine to create a lighted grotto setting for this 31-inch garden fountain. Its natural appearance would fit well into a lush garden setting, amid bushes, trees or another natural setting.

From casual to zen, small to tall, there are so many styles of garden fountains to choose! Browse our collection to find a water fountain that can add a special aesthetic wherever you spend time outdoors.


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Casual to Classic: Add Style to Your Yard with a Fabulous Garden Fountain

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