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6 Of Our Favorite Pumpkin Decorations

Sep 21st 2020

Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

The days are getting shorter, the air is feeling crisp, and before you know it, those leaves will be changing colors. Autumn is upon us and that means your home decor will be transitioning soon (if not already). Now’s the time to show our love for those red, orange, and yellow colors that mimic those changing colors. Pumpkins are the perfect autumn decoration for the fall season or as jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. We have picked out some of our favorite pumpkins that showcase autumn and Halloween!

Welcome Autumn With White Pumpkins

As you begin to switch your decor, say goodbye to the warm summer heat and hello to the autumn changes with trending white pumpkin decorations. Featuring that realistic look, this pumpkin decoration will add that charming and inviting touch throughout the autumn season. Not only does the cream white finish fit for autumn, but it will complement your traditional black and orange Halloween colors too! Let this white pumpkin decoration welcome in autumn at your home.

Lighted Jack-O-Lantern For Any Space

Scary enough for Halloween, but cute enough for little kids, this jack-o-lantern is a perfect fit for most homes. At just 5 inches, a lighted pumpkin fits well on tabletops, counters, or even desks. The combination of the eerie jack-o-lantern look with battery-operated LED lights makes this one of our favorite items to have as Halloween approaches.

Friendly Owl Pumpkin Decoration

Who says Halloween decorations have to all be scary? If you enjoy a not-so-scary look, you will fall in love with this adorable Halloween owl pumpkin decoration. Let this pumpkin’s warm tones and burlap finish help create an inviting atmosphere for your home as Halloween comes.

Hauntingly Awesome Lighted Jack-O-Lanterns

Are you putting together your own haunted house? Then we know you’re looking for those decorations that will add that creepy touch to your space. These wide-eyed pumpkin decorations will keep your guests on their toes when they notice the bright flashing lights beaming through the already scary eyes. From the black witch hat to the detailed jack-o-lantern face, these pumpkin decorations will capture the attention of everyone. Turn on the switch of the battery-operated lights, and watch them add that eerie touch to your haunted house.

Elegant Autumn Pumpkin Decorations

Summer steals the attention when it comes to fun, but fall is festive, too! We love the reminder to “Be Joyful” on these pumpkin decorations. Plus, having a set of two means you have a larger pumpkin presence on your mantle or tabletops. A neutral brown and an ivory pumpkin with green tones are neutral enough to fit into any color scheme. The best part is they can last all fall. Put these up in early September and leave them up until Thanksgiving! 

Add Warmth With Pumpkin Decorations

As we begin to enjoy those chilly autumn days, transitioning your home decor means adding some warmth to your home. While there are plenty of ways to do this, one unique and traditional way is with decorative pumpkins. It’s pumpkin decorations like this that offer that warm autumn tone along with a soft finish. Placing one of these pumpkin decorations on a tabletop or shelf in your living room can create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere that people will adore throughout the season. They’re simple accent pieces that can go a long way in your autumn decorating.

Bring those warm colors of autumn into your home with decorative pumpkins everyone will love. As Halloween creeps up, get ready with a few spooky or friendly pumpkin decorations for that festive touch. Need a little more inspiration with different pumpkins? See our collection here!

6 Of Our Favorite Pumpkin Decorations

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