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4 Ways to Decorate Year-Round Using Christmas Lights

Jan 3rd 2018

Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to put away your decorations; but you don’t have to put away ALL of your Christmas decor.  Christmas lights are very versatile, and there are a number of ways to reuse these lights year-round! Below are four ways to use Christmas lights to decorate your home after Christmas.

Teddy Bear On Bed With Lights On Wall

1. Decorate Your Kids’ Rooms or Playroom:

Stringing some Christmas lights from the ceiling or walls of your child’s room can give it a magical feeling. You can also use Christmas lights as a nightlight. Use some of your lights to line your child’s bed frame, window or dresser. Don’t use too many lights though. You want to keep the room dimly lit to make sure they can fall asleep when bedtime comes.

2. Decorate Your Fireplace:

Fireplaces add warmth and depth to any room, but some wood-burning fireplaces just end up collecting dust most of the year. Transform your fireplace into a beautiful focal point of your home by using Christmas lights.

Simply drape your lights over unused firewood or line your fireplace with lights and add some candles to the mix. Then, plug in the lights and enjoy a similar warm glow that you would get from a real fire without the hassle.

3. Create a Fun Outdoor Chandelier

Add pizzazz to your next backyard party. You can use a hula hoop and some  icicle lights to create a DIY chandelier! Either purchase a white hula hoop or spray paint your hula hoop white to match your lights. Then, tape your icicle lights around the hula hoop to let them dangle and you have your very own party chandelier. All you need to do now is hang it up with some fishing line and plug it in!

Decorative Firefly Lantern

4. Make a Firefly Lantern

Do you have a spare mason jar lying around? For an easy DIY project, simply place Christmas lights inside the empty jar to create a firefly lantern! Easy and versatile, you can place the firefly lantern on a bookshelf to fill empty space or bring it outdoors to light up a table.  Battery operated lights work best for this project. You can close the lid and move the jar to place your lantern wherever you’d like. You could also keep the lid off the jar or cut a hole in your jar lid if you’d prefer to plug your light in.

Get Creative!

There are a number of other ways you can use your lights to decorate your home. Keep it simple and string lights around your patio railing or fence to decorate and brighten your yard. Novelty lights can also be a great addition to an outdoor space, game room, or man cave. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and see what you can come up with!

4 Ways to Decorate Year-Round Using Christmas Lights

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