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3 Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Mar 30th 2023

Each spring, children eagerly await a visit from the Easter bunny, who traditionally leaves a basket filled with candy. Parents, on the other hand, may not be as excited about baskets overflowing with sweets.

Luckily, this tradition isn’t set in stone. There are plenty of healthier options the bunny can bring. Easter baskets don’t even have to contain anything edible - and they’re not just for kids.

Here are three Easter basket ideas that significantly break from tradition.

1. Easter Candy Alternatives for Kids

small girl drawing with chalk on pavement

Most children can’t wait to see “what the Easter bunny brought them” on Easter morning. This typically involves mounds of candy: Chocolate bunnies, foil-wrapped eggs, colored jelly beans and marshmallow chicks. However, if you’re a parent who cringes at the thought of a large straw basket overflowing with sugary treats, there are alternatives.

Trail mix and granola are healthier options that are still sweet, but less reliant on chocolate and refined sugar. Place a handful in a cute bunny-themed plastic container or goodie bag.

Small toys are another great option. Kids love snap-together building blocks, stuffed animals, crayons and coloring books. And this time of year, you can easily find all these items in Easter and springtime themes.

Non Easter themed options include toy dinosaurs, sidewalk chalk, toy cars, card games and even gift cards for tweens and teens.

2. A Basket for the Host

table set for Easter brunch with hot drink, pancakes, branches with gold egg decorations

Everyone loves a surprise gift: Why not present the host of your Easter celebration with their own basket this year?

Make entertaining easier on your host by bringing a basket that can be served to guests. Fill it with cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, wine, baked goods or even appetizers you whipped up just for them.

And if you can’t resist tucking in a little chocolate, consider adding some after-dinner mints.

3. Add a Personal Touch

brown rope basket filled with soaps and personal gift products

You know the recipient best. What’s their passion? Build your basket around it.

For instance, gardeners might appreciate an array of seed packets, pretty spring gardening gloves and a new trowel.

How about a Coffee Break basket featuring specialty ground coffees or coffee pods, a pretty spring mug and some fresh pastries? Hot chocolate mixes, tea bags, cupcakes or cookies can be substituted, if you prefer.

And any outdoor chef would appreciate a Barbecue Basket filled with sauces, rubs and seasonings. Add in a silicone basting brush, maybe a grill lighter and a new tool or two.

Easter baskets are about giving, so make the gift meaningful. It’s OK if you love nibbling chocolate rabbit ears. It’s also OK if you don’t. Just remember there are always options for Easter basket filler and a multitude of things that fit in a pretty straw basket.

This article was updated March 30, 2023

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3 Unique Easter Basket Ideas

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