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3 Tips to Properly Toddler Proof Your Home for Christmas

Dec 4th 2018

If you’re a parent of a toddler, you want to make Christmas as memorable as possible for them. While you may have family traditions that you want to share with your toddler, it’s important to take a step back and look at some safety tips to help protect your child this season. These three tips can help you enjoy this Christmas season while keeping your toddler safe.

Green Artificial Christmas Tree

1) Artificial Trees Are More Practical

Although many families have their tradition of going out and picking their own Christmas tree, a live Christmas tree can actually be a harm to your toddler. Traditional live Christmas trees dry out over time and needles shed. It is most likely that your toddler will get into the needle mess. Traditional Christmas trees also require you to water them on a daily basis. The majority of the time, toddlers will find their way into that potential water hazard. To avoid these safety concerns, younger families have decided to go with artificial Christmas trees. These artificial Christmas trees are offered in a wide variety of sizes and colors so you can pick one that best fits your home. Why put your toddler at risk when you can purchase an artificial Christmas tree? 

Red Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

2) Use Shatterproof Ornaments

We understand families have ornaments that may have been passed down from generation to generation. However, how would you feel if your fragile family ornament broke? One of the biggest ways to protect your child, and any precious ornaments you may have is to only use shatterproof ornaments on the Christmas tree. Shatterproof ornaments come in a wide variety of beautiful designs perfect for any Christmas tree. For families with young toddlers, in the case your toddler does get a hold of an ornament, these ornaments will not shatter into a million tiny pieces if they fall. For your child’s safety and overall protection for everyone, place your precious ornaments on a high shelf where your child can’t reach it. This will help keep both your toddler and any delicate ornaments safe. 

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

3) Proper Tree Placement

Another way to help protect your toddler this Christmas season is simply by putting your Christmas tree in a corner. This way your toddler won’t be drawn to the tree every time he or she is on the main floor of the house. When your toddler isn’t drawn to the Christmas tree, there’s less opportunity for them to get in an accident. You can be creative and build a little barricade with presents to help protect your Christmas tree from being nudged by your toddler. Come up with your creative location or way to protect your toddler from the Christmas tree for a safer Christmas season. 

Every parent looks forward to creating memorable moments with your toddler during the Christmas season. While the majority of families have their traditions they like to follow, it’s important to make sure you are keeping your toddler safe. We hope these few tips help you create everlasting memories with your toddler this Christmas season.

3 Tips to Properly Toddler Proof Your Home for Christmas

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