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What is the History of the Nativity Scene?

Nativity Scene

For people who prefer to emphasize the religious aspects of Christmas, there is probably no decoration more recognizable than Nativity Scenes. The word "nativity" comes from the Latin word natal, meaning birth. A display of the major figures from the birth of Christ, a modern scene can have anything from just the Holy Family, to shepherds, wise men, animals, and angels. The entire setting is often portrayed in a replica stable to create a complete tableau.

Over time, statues became more common way to display a nativity scene, and are the most common type of nativity scene today. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from children's figurines to tell a story to life sized, ornately constructed and painted figures to place in an outdoor setting.

Many of Christmas Central's nativity designs come from the Fontanini collection. A collection well known for its superior designs in hand painted and sculpted statuary; this Italian product line should not be ignored if you are looking for a decoration of singular and visually striking appeal.