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The Window Wonder for Damage-Free Christmas Light Displays - 4 Rod Set - 5518661

3.00 LBS

Create beautiful and damage-free light displays with The Window Wonder (TM), a snap-together frame used for displaying Christmas lights
Once you create your own custom sized frame to fit your windows, holiday decorating is a snap each and every year
Simply remove the Window Wonder when you're done with your display, store it with the lights assembled, and it's ready for quick and easy decorating season after season!
Simply fit it back into the window, plug it in, and you're done!

Notches within the frame are designed to hold most miniature incandescent Christmas lights
Most sizes, and any light string length, will work with this frame
There's no need to worry about staples, tacks, or tape ruining your woodwork when you use the Window Wonder
Our damage-free frame fits snugly secured between your window sill and top window jamb
Lights are also precisely spaced and parallel, providing a professional polish to your holiday display, both inside and out

With your order you'll have everything you need to transform your home into a lighted wonderland
The Window Wonder (TM) also allows you to decorate within the warmth and comfort of your home
All you do is put together the pieces that you measure and cut for a custom fit within your windows and then pop in the lights
Don't ruin your woodwork ever again with messy glue, staples, tacks, or tape!

This 4 Rod Set Includes:
(4) 4-ft. white plastic rods ready for customization (16 linear feet)
(8) white vinyl end caps
(2) white connector rods to extend length

PLEASE NOTE: The Window Wonder (TM) will work with incandescent lights only; it will not work with LED style lights
Product Weight: 3.00 LBS