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Who is Santa Claus and Where did He Come From?

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a symbol of the Christmas season as recognizable as any other. Christmas Central alone has multiple products of every kind bearing his appearance, and yet the history of this popular figure is not always easily traced. Where did he come from?

Santa is actually the evolution of a long line of traditions in many cultures. The most recognizable is Saint Nicholas of Turkish and Russian origin. Famed in stories for his generosity, he became a distinct figure. Dutch tradition further changed the monk of the original tale to a long bearded figure spoken of as "Sinterklaas". At the same time, English traditions held on Father Christmas, a figure described as the personification of the cheer and joy of the season.

The modern Santa Claus began to appear in the early 1800s, in Britain and the United States, as a fusion of Sinterklaas and Father Christmas. The name was a simpler, more English spelling of the Dutch one, and the form of the gift giver and the jovial holiday figure became one.

Furthermore, the popular image of Santa, including many of his most common attributes, can be traced to have begun in the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas.", popularly known as "The Night Before Christmas". This created the idea of a Santa in red fur coat and pants, heavy boots, rotund and riding in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer.

Further depictions, such as a famous 1930s Coca-Cola ad campaign, cemented the figure in his modern form. The last form of a long and complex tradition of generosity, friendship, and joy in the holiday season, Santa stands as one of the joys of childhood and adulthood alike. Give our collection a look and see if you can find a Santa decoration to invite into your home.