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What are the Most Popular Christmas Decorations?

People have been placing lights and decorations on evergreen boughs since the very first Christmas tree. Through the centuries, Christmas decorations have become more numerous and lavish. These days you’ll find people hanging pine wreaths and garland, setting up outdoor decorations and model Christmas trains.

What are the Most Popular Christmas Decorations? 

Christmas trees and lights top the list of trending Christmas decor, and outdoor inflatables have many fans. But there are so many more Christmas decorations to spread holiday cheer! 

From Christmas garland to Christmas gnomes, let’s explore our “Christmas Decoration Top 12.” These are the decorations visitors searched for most often last year on the Christmas Central website.

1. Ornaments

By far the most popular Christmas decorations year after year are Christmas ornaments. Red Christmas ornaments, gold ornaments, pink, blue, green, white, silver and even black Christmas ornaments - people are always looking for new ornaments to hang on their Christmas tree.


Shatterproof and glass ball ornaments are the most popular individual type of Christmas ornament, creating a calm backdrop for a vast variety of designs and styles. Among our Christmas ornament selection you’ll find everything from icicles to animals, angels to Santa Claus and everything in between. Whatever the occasion, hobby or interest, it is undoubtedly depicted in a Christmas tree ornament.

2. & 3. Garland and Wreaths

People decorate with Christmas wreaths and garland because they are such an easy way to add style to a front door, fireplace mantel or stairway. Plus, both Christmas garland and winter wreaths offer many style options.


Traditional pine garland is the most popular of the Christmas garlands, but you can also find flocked garland, tinsel garland, berry garland and ornament garland. Pre lit garland is a decorator’s dream; hang it or lay it just about anywhere for a warm holiday glow.


Similarly, decorators can choose from traditional green pine wreaths, flocked wreaths, berry wreaths and ornament wreaths to add a touch of Christmas charm to their homes. In recent years, white wreaths and even pink wreaths have become very popular, as well.


Undecorated Christmas wreaths are among our most popular sellers, because they are so versatile. Of course, they can be hung unadorned for a natural look, but crafters love to add ornaments, pinecones, berries and bows to create their own custom Christmas wreaths.

4. Nutcrackers

If there is one decoration that has caught the fancy of decorators, it’s the Christmas nutcracker. The tabletop variety of whimsical nutcrackers is a highly popular collectible. You’ll also find nutcracker Christmas tree ornaments, outdoor nutcracker decorations and commercial decorations. We even offer nutcracker wall art and a nutcracker shaped bottle opener!

5. Santa Claus

After Baby Jesus, Santa Claus is probably the most popular person around during the Christmas season. From inflatable Santa decorations to Santa Claus tabletop decor, Santa Claus Christmas ornaments to Santa garden flags, there are so many ways to display Santa all around your house. Plus, Santa figurines are popular with collectors who are always looking for a new addition.

6. Tree Toppers

While a tree topper provides a finishing touch to your Christmas tree, a family’s choice of Christmas tree topper is highly personal. Do you top the family tree with a Christmas star or a Christmas angel? Maybe you prefer a Santa tree topper or non-traditional snowflake. Whatever the style, tree topper preferences tend to be passed down through generations. So if your family's Christmas tree topper is a glass finial, it’s likely to be your grown children’s choice, too.

7. Reindeer

Reindeer Christmas decorations are another category of Christmas decorations popular during the holidays. From reindeer figurines to outdoor reindeer decorations, you’ll find a huge variety of these graceful, antlered animals. In addition, you can place reindeer ornaments on your tree, reindeer stocking holders on your mantel and reindeer throw pillows on your sofa.

8. Stockings

Few decorations are as iconic as a Christmas stocking hung by the fireplace. A red Christmas stocking with a fluffy white cuff is still a holiday staple, but modern Christmas stockings now run the range of colors and styles to match any theme or decor. You can find shimmering gold Christmas stockings and stylish gray, playful pink and patterns like plaid and camouflage. Pick a design and let your Christmas stocking make a statement!

9. Snow Globes

Introduced a century ago, snow globes capture the imaginations of both children and adults and often become cherished collectibles. A snow globe offers a glimpse into a miniature world of snowy Christmas and seasonal scenes. During the holidays, you can buy snow globes everywhere from the local drug store to fine gift shops, in all price ranges. Many snowglobes feature music and movement for added enjoyment. And while a spherical glass snowglobe is traditional, you may also discover non-traditional snow globes incorporated in lanterns, snowmen, trains and other Christmas figures.

10. Snowmen

From Christmas tree ornaments to lawn decorations, tabletoppers to novelty Christmas lights, cheery snowmen brighten the holidays. Whatever the size, a snowman decoration often features a colorful scarf, mittens and hat. And he’s often joined by other jolly friends. Place an inflatable snowman outdoors and a snowman silhouette in your window for a merry seasonal touch inside and out. 

11. Nativity Figures and Sets

Nativity scenes were one of the first Christmas decorations. According to The Smithsonian, St. Francis of Assisi staged the first living Nativity scene in 1223. Many families who celebrate Christmas display a Nativity scene throughout the Christmas season. Nativity figures depict the infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but may also include shepherds, angels, livestock, wise men and other figures. Many Nativity sets are displayed on tabletops and under Christmas trees, but some decorations are larger and lighted for outdoor display.

12. Christmas Gnomes

Gnomes are a more recent addition to the Christmas decoration category, but these whimsical little figures bring lots of charm. Gnomes can depict many styles and seasons. A Christmas gnome typically wears warm winter hats and sweaters, with fur-trimmed coats and boots. Since these white-bearded figures bear a resemblance to another popular Christmas character, you’ll also find a number of Santa gnomes. Gnome Christmas decor is easy to add to a mantel or tabletop and other areas around the home, which may be part of the reason they’ve become so popular. In addition, their typically low price point has made Christmas gnomes popular with collectors. 

If you have a favorite Christmas decoration (or two, or three!) it’s likely one or more of them appear on our list. The sheer variety of Christmas decorations means there’s a motif and style to please everyone - and there’s always a new decoration to discover!

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