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1 Qt - Haviland Durachlor Trouble Shooter Rust-N-Scale Remover

1 Qt - Haviland Durachlor Trouble Shooter Rust-N-Scale Remover

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  • Safely remove and prevent rust and scaling with this rust-n-scale remover
  • Decreases elevated levels of calcium in water
  • Can solve existing water issues or prevent new issues
  • Removes scales and stains from all pools
  • Protects your plumbing and equipment


Uh oh is that rust in your pool water? Are you having a scaling issue in your water? Then you need to get some Rust-N-Scale remover. This product will do triple duty to pool water starting with removing existing stains, then it will sequester particles so staining does not happen again and lastly it will remove elevated levels of metals and calcium from your water.

This rust-n-scale remover is a fast working sequesterant that prevents and eliminates scale and mineral deposits
Softens hard water and prevents mineral staining
Crystallizes metals in water allowing filter to remove them from pool water
Compatible with all filtration types
Decreases levels of calcium hardness
Prevents staining and scaling
Protects plumbing and equipment
Can not only prevent bad water from causing issues can also solve existing issues

Net Weight: 1 quart

Product Specifications

Weight Assembly Requirements
1.00 LBS No assembly required