Christmas Central Frequently Asked Questions

Payments and Returns


  • Will I Be Notified When My Order Ships?
    Yes, you will be emailed your tracking number to the email that you provided during checkout. Please note: We have multiple warehouses and if you are ordering multiple items they may be shipping separately on different time lines.
  • Do You Ship Overnight (NDA)?
    We process orders the day they are placed and are guaranteed to leave our warehouse the next business day. For example if you place an order on Friday - Sunday, it will ship out the next business day on Monday for arrival on Tuesday. If you place an order on Thursday, it will ship out on Friday for arrival on Monday.
  • Do You Ship to Canada?

    Yes! We ship to Canada using UPS ground. It is a flat rate of $10.00 + 12% VAT. More information here.

  • Do You Ship to the UK?
    Yes! You will need to provide your shipping address on the checkout screen for pricing. More information here.

Common Issues

  • Why Does My Wreath Appear Small?
    Wreaths are shipped in a tightly bound and packed state that makes them appear smaller than they actually are. The wreaths need to be shaped, expanded, and fluffed out to reach their full measured size, which is determined by measuring from outer tip to tip.
  • Why is There a Section of Lights Out on My Strand of Lights?
    Gone are the days where if a bulb has burned out, your entire light set will be out. However sometimes a section of your Christmas lights may burn out. It is a very easy problem to solve. If your Christmas Light Set doesn’t light, try these two simple steps: First, check each bulb to see that it is fully inserted into the socket. This is the most common cause for lights not lighting. A light set will stay lit with a bulb burnt out, as long as the bulb is still fully in the socket. Dura Lit, Stay Lit, Constant On and other lights where you can take the bulb out of the socket to stay lit, will need to have the bulb either fully in the socket or fully out of the socket. If it is not fully in or out, it will not light. Second, are the bulb wires making proper contact? Remove the bulb and adjust the wire if necessary. If neither of these solve the problem, then you may want to try one of our light keepers or another one of our light testing items.
  • The Flocking is Coming Off My Flocked Tree, Wreath, or Garland. Is it Defective?
    A flocked tree is covered with a sprayed-on, fibrous material to imitate snow. The material is clearly visible, coating the tips and branches of the tree, and covering it with the artificial snow. Flocking, unlike frosting, is a bit looser and can crumble off with movement or handling.


Decorating Hints & Tips

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