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How To Use Christmas Lights In Your Halloween Display

How To Use Christmas Lights In Your Halloween Display

Sep 5th 2018

When it comes to decorating, Halloween offers us a chance to get creative and be as spooky or silly as you want. There are so many fun Halloween decorations to impress your neighbors, and adding Christmas lights can take your outdoor display to a whole other level. Whether you’re going for a terrifying look or more of a playful theme, Christmas lights can help to create a spellbinding Halloween display.

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Display

Play With The Shadows:

Play tricks on people by creating shadows. Shadows can easily be created by placing your lights low to the ground and aimed skyward towards a wall or in front of a Halloween decoration. For example, if you have a tombstone, consider adding lights in front of it to cast an eerie shadow. Alternatively, you can string lights on  light stakes around your tombstones to create a lit up fence for a graveyard.

Optimize Colors:

Adding colored  Christmas lights can help to set the tone of your decor. Orange lights are popular for Halloween, but there are other great options. Green lights can give a ghoulish look, while purple lights can give off an eerie and mysterious glow. You can also add blue lights low to the ground to provide a fog-like effect.

Orange & White Halloween Luminaries

Create A Runway:

Adding lights can help keep your Halloween guests safe. Light up your sidewalk to help guide these trick-or-treaters or party goers to your front door. Think about adding some  luminaries or stringing together lights with light stakes to mark the path.

Elevate The Landscaping:

The trees and bushes in your yard can be transformed with lights. You can wrap your trees with tree lights in colors of green and purple to give them an eerie look. Do the same using net lights for your bushes to make your yard come to life.

Highlight Your Pumpkins:

If you’re decorating for Halloween, we can almost guarantee that you’ll have a Jack-O-Lantern or two. Don’t let these works of art get lost in your display, highlight your pumpkins with some string lights.

Another pumpkin tip: Use battery operated LED candles instead of real candles to light up your pumpkin. Not only is this a safer option, but your light won’t blow out from a strong wind.

With these tips you should be ready to go! Combine your lights with music, pumpkins and outdoor decorations to create the perfect outdoor Halloween display.