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9.5" Solid Black Smooth Unisex Sleep Mask

9.5" Solid Black Smooth Unisex Sleep Mask

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  • Solid black eye sleep mask
  • Encourages natural melatonin production by blocking light
  • Ultra lightweight latex free molded foam
  • Adjustable elastic strap with hoop and loop closure
  • Measures 3.5 inches high by 9.5 inches wide


Experience uninterrupted relaxation and deep, restorative sleep with this smooth sleep mask. Crafted for ultimate comfort and total blackout, this sleep mask is designed to help you escape into a world of darkness and tranquillity. Its sleek, unisex design and plush, smooth fabric ensure a perfect fit and a soft touch against your skin. Say goodbye to light disturbances and hello to rejuvenating slumber. Embrace the darkness, embrace serenity.

Product Features:
Solid black unisex sleep mask
Ultra lightweight latex-free molded foam is contoured for pressure-free eye comfort
Allows you to blink freely, won't smudge makeup, false lashes, or put unwanted pressure on your head
Adjustable elastic strap with hoop and loop closure
Relax and fall asleep quickly without light from street lamps, electronics or the morning sun
Blocking light encourages natural melatonin production

Care instructions:
Hand wash cold with mild soap
Hang to dry

Dimensions: 3.5" high x 9.5" wide
Material(s): polyester/polyurethane foam

Product Specifications

Weight Width Height Depth
0.20 LBS 9.50" 3.50" 0.01"