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6 Gift Exchange Activities For Your Holiday Party

Nov 21st 2017

6 Gift Exchange Activities For Your Holiday Party

If you’re having a Christmas party, a gift exchange can be a fun activity for everyone. Whether it be a family get together or an office party, these gift exchange games are sure to put everyone in a good mood. Below are a few gift exchange game ideas that can help liven up the party!

1. White Elephant

Also known as Yankee Swap, everyone that wants to play brings a gift and places it on the designated gift table. The first person up picks a gift from the table. The next person can either steal a gift that has been chosen or take another one from the table. Those who have had their gift stolen from can go to the table and choose a new gift, which can’t be stolen for the rest of the game.

2. Hot Potato

This gift exchange game is much like the hot potato game. Everyone passes around a single gift (make sure not to throw it) until a timer stops or a song ends. Whoever holds the gift at the end keeps the gift and leaves the circle.

3. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a classic gift exchange for the holidays. Everyone picks a name out of a hat days or weeks before Christmas. Everyone gets a gift for the name that they drew. On the day of the party, everyone opens the gift bought for them, and then tries to guess who bought it for them.

4. Gift Auction

For a gift auction, everyone that brings a gift exchanges it for monopoly or fake money. The host presents a gift, and people bid their monopoly money for the ones that they want. The winner of the bid keeps the gift and the next gift is brought up for bidding. Keep going until everyone gets a gift.

5. Musical Chairs

Set up chairs in a circle with a gift in front of or underneath each chair. Play music and have everyone walk in a circle. Have everyone sit when the music stops. Whatever gift is in front of or under their chair is theirs to keep.

6. Trivia Game

Each person that wants to play shows up with a wrapped gift. The host will then ask trivia questions and the first person to get the question right gets to either choose a gift or will be given a gift assigned by the host. Once someone gets a gift, they are out of the game.