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Tips & Tricks For Storing Your Christmas Decorations

Dec 23rd 2019

Christmas is here (well almost)! It’s the most wonderful time of the year to spend with your family and friends. Stories will be told around the dinner table, presents will be handed out by the Christmas tree, and of course, everyone will adore all of your Christmas decorations! As the Christmas season comes to an end, that sadly means that you have to start to put away those beautiful decorations. Sure, everyone may have their own way of storing their decorations. However, what if we told you there’s a proper and safer way to store specific decorations like your artificial tree, ornaments, and other fragile decorations? These tips will help keep some of your decorations safe when stored all year long.

Christmas Ornament Storage Bag

Safely Store Those Christmas Ornaments

If you’re like most people, your Christmas tree is full of memorable Christmas ornaments that represent certain life events, milestones, or just fun memories. The last thing you want to do is break an ornament. One of the best ways to prevent them from breaking when they’re being stored is by using ornament storage bags. After you carefully take them off your tree, you can place them in the neatly organized bags for extra protection until next Christmas. Consider wrapping glass ornaments in bubble wrap as well before you place them neatly in the divided storage container. We know how important those Christmas ornaments are to you, and these storage bags help protect them year after year.

Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Artificial Christmas Tree Storing Tips

You invested a lot of time picking out the right artificial Christmas tree, so it makes sense to protect your investment. It’s important to remove all the decorations, disassemble the tree by breaking it down by pieces, and storing it in a dry and clean environment. If you want your artificial tree to last for years to come, we recommend you start using an artificial Christmas tree storage bag. These bags help protect your tree from any debris or odors. Keep your tree horizontal when storing. We want you to enjoy your artificial tree for years to come!

Christmas Light Storage Reel

Don’t Tangle Up Those Christmas Lights

Odds are you probably created that beautiful outdoor Christmas display or brought that festive touch to your tree with Christmas lights. We know the worst thing during Christmas is bringing out those Christmas lights and seeing them all tangled up with some strands not working. We found that using light storage reels help keep the strands both untangled and protected when placed in the storage bags. So, when you begin to take down those Christmas lights, it’s a good idea to wrap them around a Christmas light reel. Nothing’s better than making it easier on yourself for next year when you begin your holiday decorating.

The Christmas season may be coming to an end, but it’s important to make sure you properly store your Christmas decorations so they are ready for the years to come with all the right Christmas storage items. If you need step by step help to storing your artificial Christmas tree, click here

Tips & Tricks For Storing Your Christmas Decorations

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