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Tips to Bring Your Cinco De Mayo Fiesta to Life

Apr 26th 2018

Often mistaken as Mexico’s Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo is actually a commemoration of Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. For many Americans however, it is simply a day dedicated to celebrating the Mexican-American culture. If you’re looking to host your own Cinco de Mayo party this year, here are a few pointers to help you get your fiesta set up and ready to go.

The Decorations

Be sure your decorations are bright and colorful! There are plenty of colors that you can use, but if you’re worried about choosing the right ones, you can’t go wrong with the red, white, and green colors of the Mexican flag. Add these 12 Fiesta Themed Chili Pepper Spinner Hanging Decorations and some Red, White & Green Streamer Garland around your house. We also have Cinco de Mayo themed plates and napkins that you can use as well!


The Food

When it comes down to it, what really brings a Cinco de Mayo party to life is the food. Be sure to have some Mexican dishes available like chips and salsa, bean dip, guacamole and enchiladas. If you have the space, a great idea is to set aside a table for a taco station. Let people make their food just the way they like it. To be more authentic, add homemade salsa verde, mole poblano, or carnitas with queso fresco.


The Fun

If you’re looking for a fun game, why not bring a pinata into the mix? Great for both kids and adults, everyone will want to take a turn trying to break the pinata open. Fill it with candy or confetti. You can also add a little extra life to your party with some party favors like this Club Pack of 24 Maraca Noise Makers and this Pack of 6 Red Chili Pepper Frame Eyeglasses.

Tips to Bring Your Cinco De Mayo Fiesta to Life

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