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Take the Mess Out of Easter Egg Decorating

Feb 21st 2018

Easter is fun, family-friendly holiday filled with great activities for kids. But let’s face it dyeing Easter eggs can be downright daunting. Kids plus dye can equal disaster for your furniture or clothing. The mess may be unavoidable, but there are some steps you can take to make this Easter tradition as clean as can be. This year, follow some of these helpful tips to keep your Easter egg dyeing session as mess free as possible.

painted easter eggs

1. Hold On To That Carton

Once the kids have finished coloring their eggs, they’re going to need a place to put them. Make sure to keep the egg carton on the table so they can easily put their dyed eggs in a safe place.

eggs and whisk

2. It’s All In The Whisk

One of the worst things in the egg dyeing process is when the dye gets on your kids fingers. Once it’s on their hands, it’s almost a guarantee that everything around them will be covered in dye. A trick to keeping the dye off of their fingers is to place the egg inside of a metal whisk. Once the egg is inside, you can use your whisk to dip the eggs into the dye, and keep your kids hands clean! You can use a glove or paper towel to remove the egg from the whisk once it’s ready.

child's hands covered in paint

3. Cover Up Your Table

No matter how hard you try to limit mess, some of the dye will spill on your table. Before you begin dyeing eggs, make sure your table is protected by covering it with a cheap plastic table cloth. Once the kids are done, just wrap up your cloth and throw it away.

figure of a painted with messy closes standing with colored easter egg

4. Put On Some Messy Clothes

Don’t let your kids ruin their best outfits! Instead, have them put on some already stained clothes or some old clothes that they’re willing to part with.

painted easter eggs lying in hay

5. Take Things Outside

If the weather is nice, you can bring your eggs and food coloring onto the porch, patio or sidewalk. This way you won’t have to worry about your kids making a mess, just hose everything down when it’s all over!

Take the Mess Out of Easter Egg Decorating

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