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Practical and Stylish Accessories for 3 College Dorm Decor Trends

Jul 18th 2023

In addition to the anticipation of moving away to college, many recent high school graduates look forward to decorating their dorm room. Between the bedding, organizers and accessories, what will define dorm room decorating on campus this year?

We’ve identified three popular dorm room decor styles and found plenty of trendy decorations and accessories to help you and your college-bound progeny achieve the look.

Boho Dorm Room

Among dorm decor trends this season, boho is big. This design style is relaxed and playful, a little bit hippie, a little bit global, with lots of color, texture and pattern. The right accessories are key to boho dorm room decor. They include:

Macrame and Woven Textiles

Retro and natural textiles are important to boho design, so you’ll find plenty of woven natural fibers and macrame. Woven plant hangers and wall hangings are joined by woven baskets and other woven accessories – even a macrame hammock chair.

white macrame wall hanging  white macrame hanging planter   natural tone macrame hammock chair

Lots of Color

Pink and light orange are focal colors for boho dorm decorations. You’ll see them in textiles including bedding, throw blankets, pillows and rugs. Since space is always at a premium in a dorm room, look for accessories that do double-duty. A stool or ottoman, for instance, can serve as a tabletop or seating, as the need arises. Our peach pouf ottoman offers a distressed texture that blends well with the boho vibe.

peach tie die style design throw pillow  woven peach and white laundry basket   peach pouf ottoman

A Touch of Green

To further soften your dorm space, add touches of greenery. A popular dorm design trend is to hang artificial ivy from the walls and ceiling. Dorm decorators love twining fairy lights through the vines for a bit of twinkle.

green ivy leaf garland   warm white micro lights

Soft and Bright

Feminine and playful describes a soft and bright dorm room design marked by neon colors mellowed with fluffy textures. Think neon signs and colorful novelty lights paired with a plush throw blanket and a soft shag area rug.

Dorm room essentials for this eye-opening style include:


Brighten up a drab dorm room with LED neon lights for the wall and dresser or desktop, along with novelty string lights in fun designs. Neon signs for dorm rooms are a great way to play into the full spectrum of bright colors with accessories like a rainbow neon-style table light, neon wall signs with phrases that offer “good vibes,” as well as novelty multicolor flip flop lights.


Bright Accessories

Complement your bright lights with vibrant accessories in every color of the rainbow. From desk lamps to storage cubes and baskets, there’s plenty of opportunity to infuse color into your dorm decorations. Mirrors are a handy dorm room accessory that help reflect light in a room and our gold finished wide eye mirror is right on trend.

rose pink 13 inch folding storage cube bin  aqua blue braided hamper with lid  gold metal wide eye wall mirror

Soft Touches

People turn to soft and fluffy things for comfort and security – the kind of reassurance your college student may need occasionally. A fleecy blanket or plush rug can help fill that tactile need in style.

luxurious salmon pink shag area rug   fuschia pink fleece throw blanket

Modern, Black and Bold

Young men may say they don’t care about dorm decor but many secretly want their dorm to look at least marginally as put together as their sister’s or girlfriend’s rooms.


When decorating a guy’s dorm room, focus on practicality and necessities, with a nod to technology. Keep accessories like storage organizers and shelving modern and masculine looking, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Look for multi-functional items, like a floor lamp with shelves, and storage options like a folding bookshelf that’s easy to transport and store.

black column floor lamp with three shelves   black folding four tier bookcase


Dorm rooms are notoriously poorly lit. Luckily, most guys won’t turn down neon wall signs or LED lights for the dorm room. Hang a funky LED neon-style sign for character and atmosphere. Mounting LED strip lighting or rope lights beneath the desk, under the bed frame or behind the TV is a cool way to add ambient lighting.

red lightning bolt neon wall sign   purple rope lights


Your young man also will need a desk lamp or bedside lamp, laundry basket and other practical accessories. Look for space-saving designs that do double-duty, like a gooseneck lamp with USB port that also serves as an iPad or cell phone stand.

For extra seating or relaxed studying, My College Savvy suggests a hammock. A lightweight hammock is easy to sling under a lofted dorm bed. Unlike a chair or futon, a hammock can easily be removed, folded and stored away when it isn’t needed.

Finish off and brighten up his dorm room with plants. Artificial plants are perfect for the guy who wants a pop of color without the maintenance.

black gooseneck organizer lamp with iPad stand and USB port    midnight blue braided storage basket  10 inch artificial potted plant  black and gray lightweight nylon hammock

Setting up a dorm room is like setting up a mini household. It’s a big endeavor for a college bound kid, but a practical dorm room doesn’t have to look boring. With some strategic necessities and accessories, your college student’s dorm decor can be both stylish and comfortable.

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Practical and Stylish Accessories for 3 College Dorm Decor Trends

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