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6 Decorative Storage Ideas to Help Free Up Space and Stay Organized

Mar 1st 2023

Did you uncover a lot of forgotten “stuff” while you were spring cleaning? When stuff turns into a disorganized mess, it can increase anxiety and stress, affect your ability to focus and even make you less satisfied with your life.

Luckily, decorative storage is a beautiful solution to help control clutter! You can tidy up in no time and kiss your mess good-bye.

The type of storage you choose will depend on the size and quantity of items, as well as your decor and space requirements.

Here are six stylish storage suggestions that can help manage clutter and improve your well being.

Textured Baskets

Seagrass baskets are a popular way to corral everything from school papers to small toys to cleaning supplies. Use them in the family room, tucked under the mudroom bench or in the pantry. A seagrass basket is stylish, sturdy and above all, versatile!

Antique Storage Boxes

With their burlwood veneer and old world map design, these elegant storage boxes look as if they could hold age-old secrets, but you can use them to store your jewelry, organize spare electronics cords or beautifully hide office supplies like thumbtacks and paper clips. 

Wire Bins

What could be more appropriate for your farmhouse decor than rustic wire bins? Use these containers to organize your kitchen utensils or your children’s art supplies, cart your condiments to the picnic table, stash hats and gloves or gather TV remotes and gaming devices. They’re attractive additions to your counter, but sturdy enough to be hung on the wall, in the pantry or closet.

Woven Hampers

Woven hampers are handy for storing athletic shoes, toys, sports equipment and more. These attractive and sturdy storage containers feature side handles and removable liners for added convenience. Put them in the bathroom to use as a laundry hamper. They’re also useful in the bedroom, playroom or mudroom to satisfy a multitude of storage needs.

Hidden Storage

Introducing some clever furnishings with hidden talents! This navy blue storage ottoman and wood storage end table have plenty of room to secretly stash items when company comes. Double-duty furniture featuring secret storage is perfect for the family room or guest room, blending style and practicality. 


Maybe all you need is a shelf or two to display the items you don’t want to hide away. Choose a wall shelf for the kitchen to keep utensils or hang one in the bath for cleansers and lotions. Artfully arrange your collections on a bookcase in the living room. Some book cases feature woven baskets that fit into individual compartments to keep items accessible but out of sight.

Your “stuff” doesn’t have to stress you out. With these pretty and practical solutions, you can contain your clutter and enjoy a more organized living space.

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6 Decorative Storage Ideas to Help Free Up Space and Stay Organized

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