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How to Make Your Own Flower Crown

Aug 28th 2017

You Will Need:

  • A variety of silk flowers of your choice
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Cutters
  • Optional: Ribbon (we used wide white satin ribbon)

Step 1: Choose the flowers you want for your flower crown. Keep in mind: your garland should be long enough to wrap around your head, resting above the ears.

DIY flower crown

Step 2: You will be working with small bundles of flowers a time. Start making your bundles by gathering a very small bunch of flowers and trimming the stems to about 2 - 3 inches in length. Next, wrap your stems together using floral tape. It helps to make each bundle identical to one another so the finished crown has a uniform appearance.

make your own flower crown

Step 3: Take your first flower bundle and bind it to the garland using floral wire. Repeat this step with the others, keeping the flower heads close to one another as to not leave any gaps. Work your way around to the other end of the garland, trying on the crown periodically to check the length. Keep in mind to have your flower bundles running along the same “side” of the garland, as to not appear twisted.

artificial flower crown diy

Step 4: When you have finished tying on your flowers, wrap the crown around the top of your head so it rests comfortably above your ears; trim to the proper size if needed. Next, you will secure the ends of your garland together. Some garland pieces have a loop at either end that can be joined together, others do not; use floral wire in either case to bind the two ends tightly.

diy silk flower crown

Step 5: If you are making a bow, decide how long you would like the tail of your bow to hang down. Double that measurement and add about 6 inches or so for the loops of the bow itself. Wrap the middle of your length of ribbon around the back of the garland - where your two garland ends are joined – and tie your bow.

diy wedding flower crown

Step 6: Trim the tail ends of your ribbon to your desired length and you’re done!

How to Make Your Own Flower Crown

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