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Change Things Up With These 5 Non-Traditional Christmas Themes

Change Things Up With These 5 Non-Traditional Christmas Themes

Dec 1st 2017

Christmas has come a long way from traditional green and red decor. In this article, we share five beautiful non-traditional decorating styles that are sure to spice up your whole holiday theme.

pink christmas theme

Pink Theme

Once considered a dainty hue, pink has seen a powerful renaissance the past few decades. Pinks are now common in a wide range of varieties, from delicate pale pastel pinks to in-your-face bright fuchsia pinks and everything in between. Pink has significance in many areas of our modern culture, including girl power, women’s rights, and breast cancer awareness. It’s beautiful, it’s bold, and it can be very empowering.

Whether you’ve been a lifelong lover of all things pink or you’re ready for a striking new look this Christmas, we at Christmas Central have everything you need to pull it off, including pink shatterproof and glass ornamentspink Christmas lights and, yes, even pink Christmas trees.

Winter Wonderland Theme

One of the most beautiful sights on Christmas Day is a sparkling blanket of fresh snow on the ground. Not surprisingly, snow is a prevalent theme of Christmas. We hear the mention of snow in nearly every hit Christmas song, see snowflakes on many holiday decorations, and even make snowmen!

While snowflakes, snowmen and the like have been a staple of Christmas decorating for generations, the color white has recently begun to be a Christmas theme in and of itself. Whole artificial trees now come in white and iridescent colors, as well as wreaths or garland. Ornaments, of course, are also available in white, as well as iridescent, transparent, silver and gold. Some are even dusted with a layer of glitter, to give the look of shimmering snow. For those who love a more traditional style but still want a snowy look, we even offer traditional Christmas trees and wreaths which are flocked, giving the appearance of being coated a heavy snowfall.

rose gold christmas theme

Rose Gold Theme

Rose gold is a relatively new color trend, but one that has quickly risen to the top as a fashion favorite. Its relaxed, inviting tone is both approachable and sophisticated. Rose gold and warm copper hues began flooding the mainstream in 2016, and are now incorporated in everything from home décor to jewelry to technology (as a chic alternative to gold and silver-colored metals). There’s just something about this beautiful color we can’t get enough of!

If you want to incorporate rose gold and copper tones to your Christmas display, you needn’t look any further. We have a wide selection of gorgeous ornaments and Christmas decorations to choose from to take your holiday style to the next level.

alpine country cottage christmas theme

Country Cottage Theme

For this collection, we were inspired by the Alps, skiing, bulky sweaters, and a warm toasty fireplace in a cozy lodge in the mountains. With this fun spin on traditional style décor you’ll find plaid, prints, and pine cones, along with a variety of adorable wildlife like owls and foxes. Whether you’re looking for a unique table top decoration or Christmas ornaments that invoke a feeling of warm nostalgia, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at the country cottage.

glamorous christmas theme

Glamorous Theme

If you’re privy to the finer things in life, you might enjoy a Christmas theme that’s as glamorous as you are. Dazzling golds, brilliant silvers, pearls and champagne hues are a beautifully modern addition to any Christmas display. Want to go full glamour? We even have gold Christmas trees!