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Best Outdoor Lights for Summer Patio Parties

Mar 14th 2018

One of the best parts of summer is a good patio party. Even if you're not hosting a party, having lights strung up outside offers a warm and cozy atmosphere to relax to all summer long. So whether you're enjoying a few beers with friends or a glass of wine and a good book, we'll tell you the best outdoor lights to use for your porch or patio hangout.

globe patio lights

Globe Lights

Globe lights are one of the most popular choices for outdoor porch or patio lighting. They give off a soothing warm glow and their spherical shape is pleasing to look at. If you want your lighting to make a bold and beautiful statement, globe lights are a sure way to go.

micro lights in a mason jar

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights (also known as rice or micro lights) have an undeniable magical quality to them. Although not as durable as most outdoor lights, they definitely have a place in the world of outdoor parties. Simply place a bundle of fairy lights into a glass bottle, mason jar, candle lantern, or other glass vessel - where they can easily be seen - and place on a sturdy surface. Since these lights are operated by battery, you won’t have to find an outlet or worry about the length of your cord.

edison style patio lights

Edison Lights

Edison style lights are becoming increasingly popular for use in both home and commercial decor. Many restaurants and bars use them for a unique ambiance, since they can be hung both indoors and outside. They bring an industrial old-world aesthetic to any space, and look great just about anywhere.

mini colorful christmas lights

Classic Mini Lights

Mini lights are often referred to as “Christmas lights” since they are the most popular choice for lighting Christmas trees. However, mini lights are extremely versatile and come in a wide variety of colors and lengths to suit your needs. For a simple yet effective patio lighting solution, mini lights will do the job nicely. They can be strung up in the air, wrapped around railings and posts, or clipped onto the outside of your house. Your imagination is the limit!

Best Outdoor Lights for Summer Patio Parties

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