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An Inside Look Into Our Favorite Easter Decoration

Mar 3rd 2020

An Inside Look Into Our Favorite Easter Decoration

When you think of Easter decorations you probably think of soft, white bunnies, yellow chicks, and Easter eggs. We do sell all of those, of course. But year after year, there is one decoration that sells out and that’s pastel, multi-colored Easter mini lights! In fact, we offer them in 35, 50, and 100 counts on both white wire and green wire. Why are these lights so popular? Let’s take a look.

Easter Themed Lights

They’re Versatile:

Easter lights offer many decorating options. You can use them virtually anywhere, inside or outside. If you want to welcome your guests in style during the Easter season, these lights should definitely make their way outside on some bushes or smaller trees. It’s a great way to decorate outside while the kids are searching for those Easter eggs you’ve hidden in the yard. Inside, we think these lights are the perfect way to complement your beautiful spring wreaths and tabletop decorations. You can also use them to decorate an Easter tree. We like using a white tree to compliment the pastel look.

Other Decorating Tips For Using Easter Lights

Need some inspiration or tips on how to use these lights? After using these lights ourselves, and seeing how customers use them, we hope these ideas help you out!

  1. Add Color Around Your Windows: Odds are you probably have beautiful Easter and spring decor pieces throughout your home. Compliment them with these lights by hanging them around a few windows in your living room or dining area for an Easter dinner. It’s a great way to add some extra lighting in your home while keeping it festive for the holiday.
  2. Complete The Look Of Your Mantel: Placing a strand of these lights on your mantel will not only complement the Easter decorations you already purchased with us but will create a warm illumination at night.
  3. Mix & Match Lights With Garland: Another fun way to incorporate Easter lights is to wrap the lights around the garland on your railing. The pastel colors on a green or white piece of garland will definitely turn your banister in the star of your entryway.

We absolutely love these Easter lights, and we know they will help you when you begin to decorate for Easter. Over the last few years, these have become one of our most popular products during the spring season. We have no doubt that you will be able to combine these with your spring decor items to create that perfect display in your home!