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Tips for Hosting a Cookie Party

Dec 8th 2017

Are you planning on hosting a holiday cookie party? You’re going to want to make sure that your home is prepared for all of your guests! While you obviously have to remember to have all of the tools and ingredients ready to go, there are a number of other ways that you can prepare your home.

Create a Festive Decorating Station:

Don’t let your crafting station look bland. Show a little holiday spirit with a  festive tablecloth and some table top decorations! Keep in mind that people will be using your table to make cookies, so you may want to just use a disposable tablecloth.

Additionally, once the cookies are made and ready to serve, you can serve them to your guests on holiday themed  plates and platters.

Christmas Cookies & Mug In Front of Christmas Tree

Don’t Let Your Guests Go Hungry:

While making cookies is a fun time, people also have to wait for the cookies to bake before they can eat them. Decorating the cookies and smelling them in the oven is sure to get some of your guests thinking of sweets. Make sure that they have food and drink available to hold them over until the cookies are done. Think of having a bowl of candy canes set out and maybe offer some coffee or hot chocolate.

Christmas Cookies Shaped Into Christmas Tree

Use Your Finished Cookies to Make a Christmas Tree:

Have some fun with the first batch of cookies and turn them into a decoration of their own! Once the cookies have cooled down, organize them flat on a platter or, if possible, stack them up to make the shape of a Christmas tree. Cookies that have been decorated with red or green are ideal for this.

Make Sure Everyone Can Take Their Cookies Home:

Hopefully you didn’t invite your friend and family over to make cookies that you’re going to keep for yourself! Have some  party favor bags handy to make sure they don’t go home empty handed.

Tips for Hosting a Cookie Party

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