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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Oct 25th 2017

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many people. It brings together family, good food, and sometimes even Christmas shopping! That’s probably why harvest and autumn decorations are growing in popularity every year. There are numerous ways to decorate for the holiday, more than just a cornucopia and some pumpkins. Below are some quick and simple decorating ideas to get your house ready for friends and family.

Fill Your Glasses

You can use empty mason jars or a wide vase to display small pumpkins and gourds. Place our bowl or vase filler decorations in fall colors like orange, red, yellow, and green into a glass container to create a decorative arrangement. Surround the glass with additional decorations, real or artificial foliage or real pumpkins and gourds.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Wreaths aren’t only for Christmas time. We also have a number of Autumn wreaths available. Or, you can decorate a green pre-lit or unlit artificial Christmas wreath with autumn decor pieces like pinecones, berries, ribbon, corn, gourds or acorns to give it a Thanksgiving feel.

Pumpkin Display

You can hollow out a pumpkin and place lights or decorations inside for a great-looking display piece. Add items such as pinecones, sunflowers, mums, leaves and more. If you have limited time, we have two artificial options of this display piece available. A pumpkin Thanksgiving display is an easy way to add a harvest or fall look to your tablescape.

Add Some Foliage

You don’t need to make a big holiday display to get a warm and inviting Thanksgiving style. You can decorate your home by adding a touch of foliage in key places. Place a gourd on a bookshelf or add a few ribbons, leaves, gourds, pumpkins, and more to a mantle or coffee table. The occasional odd decoration here or there can go a long way.

Run Your Table

We’re sure that you haven’t forgotten about your table cloth, but don’t forget your table runner! The dinner table is the main gathering area for Thanksgiving. You spent all day cooking the perfect meal, and you need the table to compliment the amazing turkey dinner you’ve prepared for your guests. To complete the look of your table, add one of our table runners to your table cloth. Don’t forget to add one to the buffet to compliment the look.

These are some ideas to quickly decorate your home for Thanksgiving, but we have more items available. Take a look at our  Thanksgiving section today to find some more great Thanksgiving decorations for your home!