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Storage Solutions for Your Christmas Decor

Storage Solutions for Your Christmas Decor

Oct 16th 2018

It seems that no matter how well you pack, there are always problems when the time comes to unpack for the holidays. Your lights and beads will get tangled with other decorations. You might even be missing tree branches. This year, why not use some of our Christmas storage ideas to safely and conveniently store your ornaments, tree, lights and more!

tree storage

Bag Up Your Tree:

Your artificial tree may have already come in a box, but that box isn’t made to be reused. Over time that cardboard box is going to bend and break. Without proper storage, you run the risk of losing parts of your tree. With this durable Christmas tree storage bag from Northlight, you can be sure that every part of your tree is safe and stays in good shape.

ornament storage

Keep Your Ornaments Safe:

A lot of people treasure their Christmas ornaments. Some of them are years old and have sentimental value. The last thing you’d want is for one of your ornaments to break or be misplaced. Make sure your ornaments are protected and organized with ornament storage bags like this one from Northlight.

Keep Your Lights Organized:

Having to untangle your Christmas light each year is a time consuming and frustrating task. Instead, why not invest in a storage light reel or a light cord wrap to keep your lights organized, tangle free, and ready to go for next year.

Bottle Up Your Beads:

Holiday beads always seem to find a way to get tangled up with other Christmas decorations. Make sure to keep them separated this year. One idea is to clean out an empty bottle and use it to store your beads. You can still place your bottle in bags with your other decorations, only now you don’t have to worry about your beads becoming tangled!

We have a number of additional storage options available for you. Browse our selection of Christmas storage supplies today to find what you’re looking for.