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Solving The Decorating Problem; Adding Character To Your Walls

Feb 11th 2020

Look, we understand the problem many of you face when trying to complete the look of your living room, or any room in this case; adding character and maximizing your wall space. Sure, you can throw a few pictures up and some artwork, but does that truly showcase your personality and design style? Let’s take a look at what you can do to really spruce up those walls and finish off the look of that room in your home.

Chair & Basket in Room With White Walls

Everything Starts With Your Favorite Color

Everything starts with the colors on your walls, so let’s find the one just right for your room. If you like a neutral look that gives you more opportunity to play around with different decor items, then white or gray are the colors for you. Now, if you like to change it up with different colors, you definitely should see how different tones of reds or blues look. These popular colors will give you direction into a colorful themed room with your decor items.

Decorative Wall Decor Photos

Transform The Room With Wall Decor

After you paint your walls, it’s time to capture your home’s design style with a few wall decor pieces. Nothing will look better and add some personality to your walls than some wall decor. Add some inspiration in your space with a touch of style using some beautiful wall decor with quotes or sayings. Bring that colorful touch in your home without overdoing it with a wonderful piece of colored abstract wall decor. Everyone has different design styles, and there are sure enough wall decor pieces to cover them all.

Hanging Wall Photo Frames

Turn Family Memories Into A Decor Piece

No one wants to forget those memories your family created throughout the years. We bet you have plenty of photos that you want everyone to see? This gives you the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful look on your wall using various photo frames. Gather up those memorable photos and place them in a few photo frames. Take one section of your wall, and create yourself a collage of family memories that definitely will complete the look of any room you’re decorating. 

Decorative Hanging Baskets

Style & Storage Are A Must-Have

Last but not least, storage. It’s no secret that everyone is looking for more ways to get more storage in every room in the house. Clean up the clutter and add some fun to a room with decorative storage baskets. This metal storage caddy offers a beautiful, modern look while bringing the functionality of extra storage. Let these hanging baskets bring that final decorative touch to your walls.

There you go! Solving one of the most common decorating problems can be done. You can make a statement in your home using these few tips to create that perfect look in your space. Need more inspiration or decor items, check our favorites out here!

Solving The Decorating Problem; Adding Character To Your Walls

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