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Our 7 Favorite New Items for Summer Parties

May 28th 2019

Our 7 Favorite New Items for Summer Parties

There’s nothing better than enjoying warm summer days and nights with family and friends. When you host a party during the summer, you want your home to be perfect. From home decor to pool products, there’s no shortage on what you can get to make your home ideal for summer parties. We have picked out our seven favorite new items for summer parties!

Boy Jumping Into Pool With Float

Creative Pool Products Make for The Perfect Pool Party

Do you enjoy throwing pool parties? Pool parties are a great way to get together with family and friends to enjoy the warm summer weather. To make your pool parties fun and entertaining, new pool floats are coming out that have everyone talking. From cheeseburger pool floats to unicorn rockers, these new products will make your pool party that much better! We know you’re ready to give these new pool products a shot so here are some new one’s for this year.

Backyard Patio Lit Up at Night

Keep The Party Going All Night With Patio Lights

Entertaining during the summer involves long nights on your patio with family and friends. Backyard patio lights give you the opportunity to create that perfect setting to make your guests feel comfortable all night long. Whether you hang them from your awning or on a few trees, you can be sure that your guests will love the way you set them up. Spruce up your backyard this year with some patio lights!

Capture The Attention of Your Guests With Garden Accents

Although garden accents may not sound important, they can make a statement at your home. Garden stakes are a great way to add that little personal touch to your home outdoors. The beautiful stakes will capture the attention of your guests as they walk by. With a variety to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a set that fits the style of your home. When making your home look perfect, don’t just settle for the inside. There’s plenty of decor pieces and products that can make your home stylish from the outside.

American Flag Tabletop Decoration on Patio

Summer is for the Red, White & Blue

Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July are perfect summer holidays for get-together's. Of course, the theme of red, white, and blue decorations make it easy to figure out how to decorate. These Americana decor pieces not only represent the holiday, but have become the colors of summer. Whether you have an American flag or a tablecloth, they symbolize that summer is here and the good times are to come!

Toddlers in Kiddie Pool

Give Your Young One Some Summertime Fun With Their Own Kiddie Pool

Don’t forget to include your young kids in the summertime fun this year! They may not be able to swim in the in-ground swimming pool, but they will love their own ice cream-shaped kiddie pool. These kiddie pools are a great way for your kids to enjoy the water safely. No other pool will compare to your kids creative inflatable pool! 

Relax & Enjoy Your Days at the Lake With New Towables

Plenty of people find time to make it to the lake during the summer. If you’re one of those people, you know how much fun relaxing on a float is while taking in the views of the lake. Whether you’re tied to the dock or being towed behind the boat on a towable, everything is better at the lake. You like to enjoy those days on the water so if you don’t have a floating cooler, we suggest you get one for this year. Who’s ready to enjoy a few weekends at the lake this summer?

Lemonade Serving Tray

Bring Out The Summer Colors With Serving Trays

Summer is the time for bright colors and there’s no better time to show off your bright colors than during your parties. One of the best ways to add that color is by using colored serving trays. They’re useful and they have beautiful designs that your guests will love. With a wide selection of serving trays, you can choose a few sets that will last all summer long. What designs and colors will you choose? 

Now that you know our seven favorite products for summer parties this year, how will you use them to host that unforgettable party? You have plenty of options when preparing for a summer party, but only a few products can capture the attention of your guests!