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How to Organize Your Space for Homeschooling

Aug 11th 2020

It’s that time of year! Kids are getting ready to head back to school. However, for many, this school year won’t be the same. With the majority of schools across the country incorporating online learning, it has become a new norm for both kids and parents. As you prepare to send your kids back to school, now’s the time to organize that devoted homeschooling spot. We hope these few tips help you get ready for the upcoming school year.

Hanging Chalkboard

If you have an empty wall near your kids’ learning space, make the most of it by hanging a chalkboard or dry erase board. These are a great way to keep track of assignments that need to be completed, exams that are coming up, and a way to layout the month ahead. Doing this makes it easier for your kids to stay up to date with everything that needs to be done and puts less stress on you. It’s easy and affordable to do if you have space.

Devoted Daily Shelf

If you don’t already have a devoted shelf to keep all the binders, folders, and papers organized, now’s the time to get one. A shelf like this one will get the job done. This shelf will become your kids’ devoted spot for their school binders, folders, and other supplies. As your kids’ work throughout the day, this shelf will make it easy to locate everything they will need. It’s a great way to keep everything organized and the shelf can add a decorative touch to your learning spot.

Baskets For A Successful Day

A key component that goes with your shelf are baskets for your kids’. Baskets like this are perfect for placing the items your kids’ will need for the day in. Before they begin their school work, have them pull the binders, books, and other supplies they will need for a successful day, and put them in a sturdy basket. These baskets help keep your learning spot organized, make it easier for your kids’ throughout the day, and adds a elegant touch when stored away. 

Stay Organized With Colored Bins

One way to stay organized when it comes to managing different subjects is by using colored paper bins. Devote one color to each subject and fill the bins with the related binders, books, and other materials. It’s an easy way to stay organized and keeps your shelf decluttered. 

Personal Bins

Less is more, right? Since you won’t have room on the desk for all of your kids’ supplies, giving them their own bin is a great alternative. It lets them keep all their pencils, paper, and other must-have supplies but stored away keeping the workspace clean and organized. Our big tip if you do this is to make sure you label each bin with your kid’s name. When the school day is over, store these bins next to your shelf or under the desk.

As your kids (and yourself) begin to prepare for the upcoming school year, it’s time to consider organizing your space where you’ll be homeschooling your kids’. It doesn’t take long and won’t break your budget doing it. Make the most of this school year with organization items like these!

How to Organize Your Space for Homeschooling

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