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How To Make Easter Fun While In Quarantine

Apr 2nd 2020

With so much going on and the big change on how we spend our Easter this year, we decided to put together some tips on how to make Easter a little more fun while we’re all home together. Your plans may have been changed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a ton of fun at home with your kids! Stay healthy and safe.

Find Those Easter Baskets With Clues

Thanks to delivery services, the Easter bunny can still bring the kids something in their Easter baskets like fun games and toys. This year, we think the Easter bunny might be hiding those baskets in harder spots, but for a good reason. After hiding the baskets, the Easter bunny is going to leave your kids with a few clues leading them to their Easter baskets. For example, a clue may be; where do we store your toys? We know that Easter is a time for memories to be made, and watching your kids run around the house following different clues trying to find their basket will be ones no one forgets! Plus, it draws out the fun on these long days!

Parents, are you still trying to find last-minute basket fillers? Sure, chocolate is always a good candy to have in there, but we have noticed a trend this year. People are going bigger with basket fillers for their kids. There’s no doubt your kids will sprint towards their basket when they see a new toy or neon light for their room. Better yet, watch all your kids get excited for summer when you give them a pool noodle or toy!

Dress Up For Your Family “Red Carpet”

We understand going out for Easter or having a formal gathering is probably a tradition many of you have. However, just because you can’t go out or have a formal gathering doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun dressing up as a family. Dress up like you’re going out to brunch, and set up your dining room like a restaurant with table settings. Or better yet, make your “restaurant” a fancy celebrity hot spot complete with your own red carpet! Show off your style like the celebrities do, and see who dresses best in your family. A simple line of red construction paper or red-colored construction paper will do the job. Sashay down your own red carpet and wave at the paparazzi to enjoy an Easter like no other!

Connect With Family Virtually All Day Long

Family time is important and not being able to see relatives on Easter this year is unfortunate. However, while we may not be able to see them physically, we can use the power of technology to talk with them all day long. Hold some virtual coloring contests between the cousins, a few family games, and a virtual Easter dinner toast or prayer. Technology has never been more important than right now, so take advantage of it, and enjoy your family’s presence on Easter virtually.

Decorate Your Windows For Easter

There’s something special about decorations that kids make, agree? If your kids have that creative eye, or simply like to have fun, this new window decorating trend is for them. It all started for spreading positive messages by painting rainbows on windows as we go through this current situation. Now, kids are decorating their windows for Easter too. All they need is some watercolor paint and permission from you to create that one of a kind Easter decoration on the window or glass door. From Easter bunnies to eggs, they have plenty of designs to choose from!

Let Your Creativity Come Out Decorating Easter Eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without decorating some Easter eggs, right? This is an activity that the entire family can enjoy, and will definitely bring out anybody’s creative side. With plenty of different ways to decorate Easter eggs, there’s a good chance a competition will break out on who creates the best Easter eggs. From our experience, we found that food color dye and using markers are the way to go when making your Easter egg masterpieces! For tips and inspiration on decorating Easter eggs, check out our blog here.

Bake Those Delicious Desserts You Love

One thing many people may miss the most will be all the homemade desserts from your relatives. While you may not be able to completely replace this, you can have some fun on Easter baking some of your favorite desserts. Whether you keep it simple with chocolate chip cookies or challenge yourselves by making an entire Easter cake, this is a great time to connect as a family. Help each other out as you make your way throughout the recipe, and share some family stories as you wait for your delicious desserts to be ready!

We might miss certain traditions this Easter, but why not create a few new ones or memories that will last forever? We can’t change the situation we’re in, but we can make the best of what we can do while we’re in it. Happy Easter!

How To Make Easter Fun While In Quarantine

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