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Four Creative Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

Oct 16th 2019

When it comes to decorating, Halloween and Christmas are the top two holidays in the U.S. that provide the best opportunities to go over the top! Sandwiched in between those two monster (pun intended) holidays is an often overshadowed, but beloved holiday. Of course, we’re talking about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving decorations tend to be more subtle. A little goes a long way. A few beautifully placed items and a simple tablescape my be all you need to set the tone for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some tips on how to make your home shine for Thanksgiving.

Decorative Pumpkin on Table With Flowers

1. Stressed, Blessed, Pumpkin Obsessed

Pumpkins and Thanksgiving go hand in hand. Mini pumpkins are cute enough on their own, but if you add a touch of paint to real pumpkins or purchase artificial pumpkins in a variety of colors, you can really help them stand out.

Tip #1; try matching the paint to your china for that ultimate Thanksgiving table setting.

Tip #2; don’t be afraid to use painted mini pumpkins that match your living room setup to capture the elegant holiday look, your guests will be impressed!.

2. FALLing in Love With Candle Wreaths

It’s no secret that when you drive around during the fall you see beautiful fall wreaths hanging on front doors. They definitely capture the beautiful colors of the changing leaves falling off the trees. But have you ever considered using them any other way? Candle wreaths are the perfect way to bring that color from the outside onto your dining room table. They bring that comfortable warm feel into your home that everyone will enjoy on Thanksgiving. Simply place a mini wreath around a candle, or purchase a fall wreath candle holder. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Decorative Thanksgiving Themed Lights

3. Get The Cozy & Warm Feel With Mini Lights

Decorative lights add warmth on a dark November day. Try adding mini string lights to your dining room table or mantel and watch them illuminate your home. They will bring that warm feeling into your home that everyone will enjoy that Thanksgiving weekend. With the versatility of these lights, you can get creative on how you decorate with them. Try playing with different colors, such as white, purple, orange, or blue.

Decorative Thanksgiving Gourds

4. Feeling Gourdgeous

Capture that beautiful foliage outside indoors with colorful decorative gourds. Impress your guests by adding a few gourds into a candle holder making that creative Thanksgiving decor piece. Or, carry that red, orange, and yellow theme into your dining room by using gourds as part of your centerpiece. However you decorate with these gourds, you can be sure they will bring that festive look and feel into your home. 

We can all agree that Thanksgiving is a great time to show off those red, orange, and yellow colors inside for your guests. There’s so many different ways to decorate for Thanksgiving, so get a little creative this year with your decorating. Need a little help finding the right Thanksgiving decor? Check out our popular items here!

Four Creative Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

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